June 04,2023

Dehumidifier in viscose workshop dehumidifier in flexible workshop

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It is understood that viscose is a kind of man-made fiber material, which is widely used in the packaging of various household appliances, drugs, food, cigarettes, textiles, cosmetics, precision instruments and other commodities

The viscosity of viscose is usually affected by the air humidity. If the ambient humidity is too high when using viscose, which exceeds the reasonable humidity range, the viscosity of viscose will be greatly affected, thus affecting the effect of veneer packaging

Imagine that if you receive a product and the product logo, publicity and other content pasted on the package suddenly fall off when you use it, it is a bad shopping experience, which will also have a negative impact on the brand image

Details determine success or failure. Even if it is a simple viscose pasting step, excellent products should pursue perfection, so as not to let the humidity take advantage of itself

Recently, this brand of kitchenware company cooperated with electrical appliances and purchased professional_ The viscose workshop dehumidifier and PD series intelligent humidity control dehumidifier are used for dehumidification of its viscose flexible workshop. They operate safely and stably throughout the year. The intelligent dehumidifier can meet the humidity control requirements of various customers

Humidity is everywhere, and we can't ignore the influence of humidity in one step of adhesive coating_ The viscose workshop dehumidifier and PD series intelligent humidity control dehumidifier have an intelligent computer control system with high control accuracy. The humidity can be set at any rate from 30% to 90%. They are automatically dehumidified. They are equipped with multiple protection functions and a long-life design to meet the requirements of continuous dehumidification