December 18,2022

Fruit and vegetable humidifier, fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping atomizer

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As we all know, we often see many people queuing at the entrance of the supermarket in the morning to wait for the supermarket to open. This is because the food in the morning is fresh, which shows that fresh ingredients are very attractive to consumers. However, contrary to expectations, some fresh fruits and vegetables that have been on the shelves for less than a few hours appear dehydration, withering, weightlessness, loss of freshness, etc. The fresh-keeping technology of fresh fruits and vegetables in shopping malls has become an urgent problem for major shopping malls

How do fruits and vegetables keep fresh in supermarkets? The fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping atomized humidifier is a fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping product used in many large supermarkets. It is understood that the water content of common fresh fruits and vegetables can reach 65-95%, but after picking, they lose their water supply and gradually lose their water during storage and transportation, which makes the weight of products continuously reduce. Many fresh vegetables in supermarket stores in the morning will become wilted within a few hours in the afternoon. No one is willing to buy vegetables with poor appearance, no matter how cheap they are, which directly causes economic losses to supermarkets

1、 Principle of fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping atomization humidifier:

The ultrasonic vibration principle is used to act on the water to produce cavitation effect, turning the water into a very small mist that can float in the air (the diameter of the water mist particles is within 5um) and fully mixing with the air to achieve the purpose of humidification. Water mist contains a large number of air negative ions and water molecules, which can increase air humidity and freshen the air. It is a widely used humidification method at home and abroad. It can directly replenish water for vegetables, not only does not leave water drops on vegetables, but also can keep vegetables fresh for a long time. At the same time, the mist shrouded landscape can stimulate consumers' desire to buy more, achieve sales growth and reduce the loss at the same time

2、 Function of fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping atomization humidifier:

After spray, vegetables can not only lock water, but also keep bright color of vegetables. The water sensitive vegetables also seem to cater to consumer psychology. The use of spray fresh-keeping method can reduce the price reduction of fruits and vegetables by at least 50%, or waste of discarding. The accumulated amount is considerable. In addition, it can avoid the loss of water and weight of fruits and vegetables, and spray on fruits and vegetables, especially when pricing by volume, can avoid the volatilization of profits. Thus, the use of spray humidification equipment can be said to be more at one stroke. Small floor area, large humidification capacity, simple operation of fine atomized particles, plug in the power supply and press the start button to use

  _ And_ The vegetable fresh-keeping humidifier adopts a stainless steel fuselage in the fuselage design, which is stable in operation and strong in durability; With small volume, good atomization effect, adjustable fog amount, convenient installation, simple operation and other functional characteristics, it is very suitable for spray humidification and fresh-keeping of fresh vegetables and fruits:

1. Extend the life of vegetables and fruits, maintain the fresh and tender color of vegetables and fruits, and improve the visual effect of vegetables and fruits

2. Keep the original taste of vegetables and fruits, prevent them from withering and yellowing, and prolong the freshness of vegetables

3. Avoid the loss of water and weight of fruits and vegetables, and increase the fresh-keeping period of fruits and vegetables

4. Attract customers' desire to buy, increase their buying popularity, and increase their sales profits

  _ And_ The vegetable fresh-keeping humidifier can not only be installed in the air curtain cabinet, freezer, fresh-keeping cabinet, display cabinet, but also can be installed on the vegetable rack and platform to conduct spray humidification of fresh vegetables and fruits, so as to achieve a very good fresh-keeping and moisturizing effect. Welcome to inquire the details of fruit and vegetable humidifier and fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping atomizer! There are many types of humidifiers, and different brands of humidifiers have different prices and application ranges. We will provide you with high-quality after-sales service and solutions

  _ And_ Technical parameters of vegetable fresh-keeping humidifier:

Technical parameters of ZS-20 and ZS series vegetable fresh-keeping humidifiers:

3、 Selection of fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping atomized humidifier:

The models are mainly 3L, 6L, 9L, 12L, etc. The models are complete. The products of different models are divided into manual control and automatic control, which can meet the needs of various booths. However, the product model, control mode, fog volume and price are different. Many users directly ask about the price when they come up, but the first thing they need to know is the real needs of users, because the tendency of spray volume is different in different occasions

In consideration of the limitation of the site, the ultrasonic humidifier has two ways of adding water, which can be directly connected to the tap water pipe at the side of the machine, or directly connected to a bucket above. Install pvc pipes at the mist outlet according to the user's needs, cut them according to the size of the vegetable shelf, and use them as the guide pipes for spray. Open holes in turn according to the situation, and turn on the power supply to continuously replenish water for vegetables

The common specifications and applicable length of SJ series and ZS series vegetable fresh-keeping humidifiers are as follows:

1. SJ series: spray amount 3kg/h → single side 0~3.0m → double side 0~1.5m

2. ZS-10: spray amount 3kg/h → single side 0~3.0m → double side 0~1.5m

3. ZS-20: spray amount 6kg/h → single side 3.6~6.0m → double side 1.2~3.0m

4. ZS-30: spray amount 9kg/h → single side 5.0~9.0m → double side 2.4~5.0m

  5、_: Spray volume 12kg/h → single side 7.0~11.0m → double side 4.8~7.0m

6. ZS-60: spray amount 18kg/h → single side 12.0-18.0m → double side 7.0-12.0m

7. ZS-80: spray amount 24kg/h → single side 18.0~24.0m → double side 12.0~14.0m

4、 Installation of fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping atomized humidifier:

The installation of fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping atomized humidifier is used with vegetable shelves. Single layer shelves usually directly install the machine under the counter, saving space. This requires that the counter has a certain height to place fruit and vegetable humidifiers, fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping atomizers, and an ultrasonic humidifier needs about 40 centimeters of space. You can also put the machine next to the container and directly attach a bucket for use

If it is a multi-storey exhibition stand and the multi-storey exhibition stand is ladder shaped, it is generally only necessary to install spray tubes on the upper layer, so that the humidity around the counter will increase, and it is not necessary to worry about whether fog is sprayed on each leaf. If each layer is separated, spray pipes need to be installed on each layer, which requires a humidifier with a larger amount of spray

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