Dehumidifier in pig farm, strictly control humidity in pig farm to prevent humidity

Pig farm dehumidifier, strictly control the humidity of pig farm to prevent humidity News At present, with the change of climate, the south is about to enter the rainy season, followed by a high tempe...

Pig farm dehumidifier, strictly control the humidity of pig farm to prevent humidity News At present, with the change of climate, the south is about to enter the rainy season, followed by a high temperature and humidity breeding environment. What problems should we pay attention to in this environment? Dehumidifier in pig farm. Precautions for pig farm in high humidity environment are as follows:

First, it is a problem of biological safety. With the rainy season, there is also a stumbling block for everyone's breeding industry - the propagation speed of many pathogenic microorganisms is accelerated. Following rain, mosquitoes and flies, they enter the breeding process, posing a threat to the farm, especially some virulent viral diseases

Therefore, biosafety is more important in the rainy season. Since the humidity of the environment in the pig house is high, if disinfectants are frequently used to spray and disinfect in this environment, it is bound to increase the environmental humidity. Therefore, it is suggested that environmental disinfection and personnel disinfection should be strengthened in the environment outside the farm to prevent foreign pathogenic microorganisms from entering the farm

Secondly, the threat of pathogenic bacteria increases under high humidity conditions, such as streptococcus, eperythrozoon, toxoplasmosis, intracellular Lawsonia, coccidia and other diseases that can be caused at any time due to the stress of increased humidity. In this regard, the environment should be relatively dry, especially the delivery room should be kept dry, so as to reduce the necessary conditions for the occurrence of diseases. At the same time, drugs should be used to treat breeding groups and nursing pigs

In addition, we should pay attention to the vectors of diseases, the carriers and disseminators of various disease pathogens such as mosquitoes, flies, mice, cockroaches, parasites and various birds. The high temperature and humidity environment provides convenient conditions for the reproduction and growth of insects and parasites. If the environment is suitable, it will increase rapidly in a short period of time to help the spread of diseases. Therefore, solving these transmission vectors is a necessary condition to stop the spread of diseases. Therefore, we should strengthen the weeding around the pig farm, kill the pests in the environment, and ultimately reduce the number of pests in the breeding environment, so as to provide protection for the farm

In addition, special attention should be paid to the problem of feed mildew caused by high temperature and humidity. Starting from the selection, storage and transportation of feed, reduce the exposure and rain of feed and raw materials in the environment, reduce the inventory, timely purchase and feed, add functional mold remover to treat mycotoxins, and minimize the impact of moldy feed on the body

Attention should also be paid to the protection of the water source. The rainwater carries a large amount of unknown substances, which has a huge impact on the water source. Bacteria, viruses, parasites, eggs, etc. will enter the water source and the breeding farm with the washing of the rainwater. In the rainy season, the water source should be regularly tested and protected (adding acidifiers such as carbofuran) to reduce the problem of water source poisoning

Finally, the stress of high temperature and humidity on the body leads to huge consumption of body nutrients. At the same time, environmental problems affect pig feeding and absorption, so we need to increase the concentration of nutrients to maintain the balance between supply and demand of body nutrients. The occurrence and spread of diseases need to be carried out under appropriate conditions. As long as everyone changes any of these links, the occurrence and spread of diseases can be affected

The better way to dehumidify in pig farms is to use dehumidifiers, which is a relatively large investment and is suitable for the kind of long-term wet pens. However, pay more attention to the installation position of the dehumidifier, and the discharged moisture must be far away from the enclosure to avoid backflow of moisture. Of course, it is not necessary to keep this on all the time. It can be used when the pig farm is continuously wet, which can greatly reduce the cost of electricity, and the effect will not be worse

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Dehumidifier in pig farm, strictly control humidity in pig farm to prevent humidity

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◎ Intelligent control: the operating conditions can be adjusted according to the requirements of indoor ambient temperature and humidity

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◎ High efficiency and low noise: low noise centrifugal fan is used, with large air volume and stable and quiet operation

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However, if the pig farm wants to fundamentally solve this problem, it should be designed when building the pen. Design drainage and defecation, add pig bed, large window ventilation, skylight ventilation and temperature and humidity control system, and you will not have the following troubles! All the above contents about dehumidifiers in pig farms and strict control of humidity in pig farms to prevent humidity are provided by electrical appliances for your reference and learning