May 13,2023

Automatic spray disinfection machine and spray equipment for disinfection of personnel passage in the breeding farm

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The automatic spray disinfection machine of the breeding farm, the technical trends of the spray equipment for disinfection of the personnel channel of the breeding farm. When it comes to the disinfection of the breeding farm, many people think of sprinkling lime and spraying medicine; Actually, this idea is completely wrong! To prevent African swine fever in breeding farms, comprehensive disinfection must be carried out in a systematic manner to achieve effective results. Otherwise, you will find that the money has also been spent, but the cattle farm is still infested with bacteria and diseases

! On the road to prosperity in aquaculture, only by establishing epidemic prevention awareness, strictly implementing epidemic prevention measures, ensuring proper disinfection, controlling the invasion of pathogenic microorganisms from the source, and doing other epidemic prevention work in aquaculture activities, can we rest assured in the goal work of disease control, production efficiency, and aquaculture efficiency in the farm

XD-3 farm automatic spray disinfection machine and XD series intelligent ultrasonic atomization disinfection machine are also a disinfection method commonly used by many large farms in China at present. Ultrasonic high-frequency electronic oscillation circuit is used, and the ultrasonic energy generated by the transducer directly acts on the water, and the water is atomized under the strong ultrasonic cavitation effect. The atomized micro water particles are blown into the disinfection space through the air duct, and the ultrafine water mist particles are suspended in the disinfection space, covering all corners of the entire space, thus achieving the disinfection work of personnel and other objects

Farm disinfection is an important measure to implement prevention first. Many farms do not have sufficient understanding of disinfection in epidemic prevention, and disinfection is not thorough enough, leading to the occurrence of epidemic diseases from time to time. Thorough disinfection is a difficult task for farms, unless pigs are transferred out of the farm. Generally, farms are disinfected once to twice a week

The extensive application of XD-3 farm automatic spray disinfection machine and XD series intelligent ultrasonic spray disinfection machine has solved the shortcomings of farm disinfection. Using the company's core water treatment technology, tap water+disinfectant/ultrasonic atomization technology is used to spray water mist through centrifugal fan, which is combined with air to achieve disinfection and sterilization effect. In addition, it can also be used for humidification, dust reduction, and cooling