June 09,2023

Deodorizing atomizer for garbage station, deodorizing product for garbage transfer station

Household Dehumidifier_161 Series

It is well known that the technical trends of deodorization atomizers in garbage stations and deodorization products used in garbage transfer stations. With the continuous acceleration of China's urbanization process, the output of urban garbage has also increased rapidly, and the total number of garbage transfer stations is also increasing. However, the production, collection, transportation and treatment of garbage will be accompanied by the process of fermentation and decay, which will produce a large number of harmful substances such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, methyl mercaptan and methyl sulfide, which will cause certain harm to human beings

When it comes to garbage stations, residents generally "sniff". When promoting garbage classification, the location of garbage stations has always been a thorny problem. Who is willing to build garbage stations at their own doorstep? In fact, the reason is nothing more than the peculiar smell of garbage stations and the smell of garbage. Before, when it was hot, I had to pinch my nose when I walked through the garbage station. Now the smell is gone, and the garbage station is cleaner

In the process of garbage compression and transfer, odor gas will be generated, so the neighborhood has complained about being disturbed by odor for many times. In order to reduce the impact on the neighborhood, the garbage compression station, on the basis of doing a good job in daily disinfection and sterilization work, has taken measures such as increasing disinfection and sterilization and increasing the frequency of site cleaning. Although there are improvements, the symptoms will not cure the root cause

However, a new type of garbage room sterilization and deodorization equipment, CC-6 garbage station deodorization atomizer and CC series intelligent micro fog deodorizer, has appeared in many garbage stations. It is based on the research and development of various domestic garbage rooms, shopping malls, urban complexes, machine schools, enterprises and institutions, and is targeted at the odor of garbage rooms and the breeding of bacteria

The CC-6 garbage station deodorizing atomizer and CC series intelligent micro fog deodorizer can be connected to the external spray pipeline, and the deodorant can be atomized into extremely fine atomized particles through the ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation atomization technology and sprayed through the pipeline, which can be combined with the odor molecules of garbage to achieve deodorization effect, and can also inhibit the breeding of flies, mosquitoes, etc. The liquid sprayed is non-toxic and harmless to human body

In a word, in the process of deodorization and sterilization, improving the natural environment is a key task in the management of waste transfer stations! The application can solve this difficulty very well. The operating cost is relatively low, the benefits generated are far higher than this cost, and the maintenance cost is low. The running time and effect of the equipment can be adjusted according to the needs of customers to achieve better deodorization effect at the most economical cost. All the above contents about the deodorization atomizer in the garbage station and the deodorization products used in the garbage transfer station are provided by Mashima Electric, for your reference only