September 01,2023

Damp proof drying of traditional Chinese medicine is better than Dehumidifier

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The moisture-proof drying of traditional Chinese medicine is better than the dehumidifier: the problem of traditional Chinese medicine being affected with moisture is very serious, which will lead to the decline of the quality and efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine. Once it becomes moldy and decays, it cannot be used. When the modern pharmaceutical industry carries out modern processing and manufacturing of Chinese medicinal materials, only when extracting and separating Active ingredient can Chinese medicinal materials be allowed to contact with moisture and water. Other links need to be dry

So solving the problems of moisture absorption, softening and caking of Chinese medicinal materials has become the top priority of traditional Chinese patent medicines and simple preparations enterprises. After continuous research, medical experts have found that there are several aspects that affect the drying effect of traditional Chinese medicine:

Firstly, the types and properties of traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine is omnipotent. Just think about it, even pot bottom ash and child urine can be used as medicine. What else is not considered a traditional Chinese medicine? Of course, in the ordinary sense, traditional Chinese medicine is mainly composed of plant roots, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, skins, and other materials. These materials have high moisture content and strong water absorption after drying. Moreover, the size and thickness of the processed materials can affect the drying effect of the medicine, making preservation more difficult Next, indoor temperature. The problem of drying traditional Chinese medicine is very complex, and different types of medicinal materials have different temperature requirements. This type of medicinal material requires high-temperature drying, while other medicinal materials can only be dried in the shade, otherwise it will lead to a decrease in medicinal properties. Although they all need to be boiled in the pot at the end, they still need to be separated during drying, and the drying time and degree of different medicinal herbs need to be well controlled The third and most important thing to avoid is air humidity. The higher the humidity inside the drying equipment, the longer the drying time. Moreover, there is no need for damp traditional Chinese medicine to dry in a humid environment, which is often a waste of effort

It's really simple to solve these three problems. It doesn't need any big action. It only needs a dehumidifier. This is a professional dehumidifier. With the use of refrigeration dehumidification technology, dehumidification is efficient and fast. It can also dry things that need drying, which is very convenient. The Dehumidifier can work well both in the drying stage and in the storage stage of Chinese medicinal materials. It is easy to dry Chinese medicinal materials. It is no problem to remove moisture and prevent Chinese medicinal materials from becoming damp and mildewed