February 20,2023

Abalone dryer, abalone drying and dehumidification machine and equipment

Drying Dehumidifier_CGF Series

The news of abalone dryer, abalone drying and dehumidification machine and equipment is well known. People usually eat seafood, and they usually buy fresh seafood; It is true that fresh seafood is generally good and tastes fresh, but it is not applicable to all seafood. For example, what people often call "abalone, shark fin and tripe", that is, abalone, sea cucumber, shark fin and tripe, are all well dried, which are not only easy to store for a long time, but also more delicious and more expensive. Maybe some partners will ask: "How can we do it? Will nutrition not be lost?"? Next, let's talk about the drying method of abalone

Because in the past, fresh abalone could not be stored and transported conveniently; Therefore, the majority of fishermen will make dried abalone to facilitate storage and transportation, but over a long period of time, people found that some practices of dried abalone are better than fresh abalone! So dried abalone has been handed down! However, in the past, most abalones were dried by sun drying or burning firewood or coal. However, the quality of dried abalones was greatly affected by the weather, and the open air drying was vulnerable to mosquito and dust pollution. The quality of abalones was unstable, and it was difficult to meet the market demand. The method of burning wood and coal is not easy to control the temperature, and the finished products will be affected, leaving a smell of firewood

In addition, the abalone should not be dried at high temperature, otherwise it is easy to cause protein denaturation, affecting the taste, and the dried abalone is yellow in color. The abalone should be dried at a relatively low temperature of 30-40 ℃. The dried abalone has high quality, no cracking, good color, good nutrient elements, good rehydration, high water yield, low noise, and stable operation cost. However, use the_ G abalone dryer and Parkoo series heating drying dehumidifier are different. This is a mild drying method, close to natural drying, but it has more advantages. Just put the finished abalone in the abalone drying room, start heating up, evaporate the water in the abalone, evaporate quickly, and then be pumped out by the dehumidifier for 1 hour, and then adjust it to 40 ℃ for 3-5 hours. At this time, the abalone is bright in color, moderate in moisture, moderate in softness, and delicious in smell

  _ G abalone dryer and Parkoo series heating drying dehumidifier are environment-friendly and energy-saving drying equipment, which will not produce any harmful substances, smoke or open fire during the drying process; It is highly intelligent, and the drying process does not need to be watched by special personnel. It has great advantages in energy saving. Its energy saving is 50% less than that of electric heating tube infrared, 40% less than that of oil burning, and 20%~30% less than that of coal burning. It is a new type of drying technology with energy saving, high efficiency, intelligence and environmental protection, which largely solves the problem of slow traditional drying efficiency and high drying cost. At present, it has been gradually applied in many marine products, becoming a new drying technology that can reduce energy consumption and improve product quality, and will bring a major technological revolution to the drying industry

For the demand of energy-saving dehumidification and drying in drying rooms and drying rooms, electrical appliances are developed and produced_ G abalone dryer and Parkoo series heating drying dehumidifier (applicable to dehumidification in the environment where the indoor temperature is higher than 38 ℃ but lower than 55 ℃) can not only quickly remove the moisture in the drying room, but also effectively control the humidity in the drying room during the whole drying process, and can also select the corresponding power of electric heating to assist in heating up, thus greatly speeding up the drying speed, effectively improving the utilization rate of the drying room and the drying quality! Welcome to inquire the details of abalone dryer, abalone drying dehumidification machine and equipment

  _ Technical parameters of G abalone dryer and Parkoo series heating drying dehumidifier:

Model selection of drying dehumidifier: select the appropriate model according to the overall humidity load of the actual drying room, specifically, calculate the cooling capacity, dehumidification capacity per unit time and other key data according to its area, floor height, evaporation capacity of drying water, initial humidity value, target humidity value, indoor sealing effect, moisture dissipation source, fresh air supplement, etc. If you want to know more about the abalone dryer, you can find the details of the abalone dryer and dehumidifier: Hangzhou Parkoo Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

To sum up:_ The coordination of G abalone dryer and Parkoo series heating drying dehumidifier with the drying room should be based on the design principle of short temperature rise time, which is conducive to moisture extraction. The optional power is 3P, 5P, 8p, 10P and other models. Different models can be matched according to the size of drying room and output to meet the capacity design. Generally, 3P machine_ Type G should be equipped with a drying room of about 15m2, 6P machine_ Type G should be equipped with a 25-30 ㎡ drying room, 8p machine_ Type G should be equipped with a 30-40 ㎡ drying room, 10P machine_ Type G should be equipped with a 40-50 ㎡ drying room. The drying room of the dryer is made of professional cold storage boards, about 10 cm thick, with excellent heat insulation and sealing performance


  _ G abalone dryer and Parkoo series heating drying dehumidifier are also suitable for scallops, scallops, gelatin, fish maw, dried fish, sea cucumber, shrimp, shrimp, petrel, dried yellow croaker, pointed billed fish, mackerel, eel, eel, cuttlefish, oysters, oysters, oyster sauce, saury, salmon, dried scallop, whitebait, star eel, shark fin, fish meal, sardine, starfish, cuttlefish, oyster sauce The degreased yellow croaker and other kinds of seafood can be dried in a drying place to produce pollution-free dry seafood of high quality. All the above news about abalone dryer, abalone drying and dehumidifying machine and equipment are provided by the electric appliance for your reference only