What is the air conditioning dehumidification mode-

On the air conditioner, we can see a dehumidification mode that can reduce the humidity of the room or area. This function is suitable for seasons with high humidity, such as spring or autumn, but i...
Air Conditioner_KY Series

Air Conditioner_KY Series

On the air conditioner, we can see a "dehumidification mode" that can reduce the humidity of the room or area. This function is suitable for seasons with high humidity, such as spring or autumn, but is not suitable for blowing cold air. Using dehumidification mode is different from using a dehumidifier, and it does not remove all moisture from the room or area

Dehumidification Mode Operation

When your air conditioning is in dehumidification mode, the device's fans and internal components are running, but the device will not blow out cold air. On the contrary, air passes through the equipment, and the moisture on the equipment evaporator condenses and the dry air leaves the equipment. Dry air fills the room or area where the air conditioner is located. This dehumidification process removes some moisture from the room or area, but not as much as the independent Dehumidifier. The dehumidification mode also consumes less electricity than the cold mode

Independent Dehumidifier

If you need a room or area with large dehumidification space, please purchase and use an independent Dehumidifier instead of using the dehumidification mode of the air conditioner. Dehumidifier can be sold in hardware, home decoration and retail stores, as well as online sales specialized in household appliances and air conditioners. What is the difference between Dehumidifier and air conditioner dehumidification? Which effect is better?

Switching mode

You can safely switch from dehumidification mode to the cooling mode or other modes of household or commercial air conditioners without any problems in the equipment. Before switching modes, you do not need to turn off the device power or wait for a period of time. Your air conditioning will immediately switch to the mode you want

Dehumidification Mode Fan Mode

Not all air conditioners include dehumidification mode function, and setting air conditioners to fan mode is not the same.

. The fan mode outputs cold air to the room or area, but cannot remove any moisture. If your air conditioner does not have dehumidification mode, you cannot purchase components that add this function


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