September 21,2022

Mobile atomizing humidifier, manual barreled water humidifier

Household Dehumidifier_221 Series

Up to now, most industrial production workshops have realized mechanized operation. In such workshops, if the equipment is placed in a dry environment, it is easy to have problems such as electrostatic enhancement and dust increase, which affect the quality of products produced in the workshop and reduce the enthusiasm of workshop workers. Therefore, The installation of industrial humidifier can well alleviate these problems.

What if the industrial workshop is too dry?

In fact, in such a dry environment with scattered dust, the staff working in the workshop for a long time will feel uncomfortable breathing, and in serious cases, respiratory diseases may occur to some extent, reducing their work efficiency. Industrial humidifiers are used to improve environmental humidity and eliminate the impact of dry environment on human body and machinery. Compared with traditional humidification equipment, water mist particles are often finer, humidification range is larger, and humidification effect is more uniform.

Industrial humidifier

The mobile atomization humidifier and the hand pushed barreled water humidifier use the ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation atomization principle to atomize the water into 1-10 μ m ultra-fine atomized particles with high humidification efficiency, small diameter and obvious atomization effect. The bottom is equipped with four casters, which can move and reverse freely; Spray humidification can be carried out by connecting 220V power supply without complicated installation. It will not block or drip, reducing the maintenance cost. It consumes less energy and has a longer service life than similar products. It is very suitable for use in drying workshops.

Barreled water humidifier

According to the use area, space, climatic conditions, initial humidity, humidifying humidity range and working conditions of the humidifying place provided by the customer, determine the type of industrial humidifier and the selection of humidifying amount, and achieve the effect of low investment cost, good humidifying effect and high cost performance in the design of industrial production humidifying system scheme.

Manual moving humidifier

Different industrial workshops require different humidities, workshop areas and target humidities. First, survey the working conditions on the site and design a professional humidifying scheme to reduce costs and save energy on the basis of solving workshop humidities.