June 28,2023

Garbage station spray deodorization system, CC-36 garbage station atomization deodorizer

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Spray deodorization system of garbage station, CC-36 garbage station spray deodorizer technology trends. The process of major cities is accelerating, and the number of urban population is also increasing. Therefore, domestic garbage, catering garbage, construction garbage, waste and other kinds of garbage are also increasing; Subsequently, as an important hub for waste disposal in the city, the number of waste transfer stations will also increase. If the odor is not treated in time, the impact on people's health and living environment will cause environmental pollution and harm people's health

In many places of each city, there will be waste transfer stations of different sizes, which is a key step to deal with people's domestic waste. However, in the process of waste disposal, the waste transfer stations will produce stench and dust, which will not only affect the health of employees, but also cause certain pollution to the surrounding environment. Especially in summer and hot weather, the stench emitted by the waste transfer stations will make the surrounding residents more miserable, Therefore, it is necessary to deodorize the garbage station

At present, the requirements for the management, environmental governance and deodorization of waste transfer stations are also getting higher and higher, which is a major project. It is obvious that the waste transfer station and urban residential area are an organism. The treatment of the odor and waste compressed liquid in the transfer station is to ensure a comfortable environment and benefit the people's morale and image projects, which is directly related to the physical and mental health of urban residents and the satisfaction of citizens to government work. Installation of spray deodorization system in garbage station is an effective deodorization method at present. Its important advantages are high cost performance, efficient deodorization and no secondary pollution

In view of the problem of deodorization pollution in large-scale waste transfer stations, the selection of deodorization methods and their important relationship with people's health and the protection of the surrounding environment, the spray deodorization system for waste stations, CC-36 waste station spray deodorizer and CC series intelligent ultrasonic spray deodorizer, which are developed and produced by electrical appliances, are developed based on the people-oriented concept, and designed to automatically spray deodorant without workers' operation at a given time, It saves manpower and improves the working efficiency of workers; Moreover, the site is low, the floor area is small, and the installation is flexible and convenient

The CC-36 garbage station atomization deodorizer and CC series intelligent ultrasonic spray deodorizer spray 1~10 μ m ultrafine fog particles into the whole space, and the ultrafine fog particles rapidly diffuse in the air, bringing microbial bacteriostatic agents to every corner, so as to achieve the purpose of deodorization. The ultra-fine micro atomized particles can absorb the dust particles in the air when they diffuse in the air, making their mass heavier, and the dust particles will fall naturally, so they also play a role in dust suppression

Daily life will produce a lot of garbage, and it is important to deal with them effectively. The spray deodorization of the garbage station can reduce the harm to the human body and the living environment of residents. Garbage dump is one of the important sites for centralized collection and disposal of garbage. The collection and transportation of garbage will cause the odor of volatile organic compounds such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia

It will not only breed all kinds of bacteria, but also make the residents around suffer terribly from the odor diffusion. It is urgent to deal with the odor in the waste transfer station! The odor of the domestic garbage station only depends on the physical method, and the effect is not very ideal. You can use the spray deodorization system of the garbage station developed and produced by electrical appliances, which has quick effect and is easy to use

The CC-36 garbage station aerosol deodorizer and CC series intelligent ultrasonic spray deodorizer+natural vegetable liquid deodorant are atomized into gas to make it react with the fugitive odor in the air to remove odor. The deodorant can accelerate the degradation rate of garbage, reduce the breeding of mosquitoes and flies, accelerate the stabilization of garbage, and thus improve the on-site sanitation level. The equipment adopts professional technology, which is fast and convenient to install and low in energy consumption! Low running cost! As for the above spray deodorization system in the garbage station, all the contents of CC-36 garbage station spray deodorizer are provided by Mashima Electric, for your reference only