January 02,2023

Humidifier in cotton spinning workshop, automatic humidity control in cotton spinning workshop

It is well known that with the advent of autumn and winter, the temperature will be lower day by day, the humidity will be reduced, and static electricity will follow; The main reason for static electricity is dryness, lack of moisture in the air, and low humidity. For the textile industry, static electricity will have a very bad impact on the quality of cotton textile products

With the advent of autumn, the air is dry and the humidity is generally below 60% RH, which is very unfavorable for the production of cotton spinning workshops. The cotton spinning workshop has been in a relatively dry environment for a long time, which is very easy to produce static electricity, causing knotting, flying flocs, uneven sand lines and other problems of products, leading to a decline in product quality

Product introduction

The influence of low humidity on each process of the spinning mill:

4. Spinning yarn: more flying, enhanced electrostatic action, yarn evenness deterioration, hairiness increase, loose yarn increase, poor fiber cohesion

5. Roving: more flying flowers, loose roving, more broken ends, poor fiber cohesion affecting evenness and strength, poor forming

6. Twisting: reduced strength, increased broken ends, too loose winding, yarn hairiness, poor formation, and increased flying

8. Preparation: yarn strength decreases, yarn hairiness increases, cylinder end breakage increases, tension relaxation is uneven, and flying flowers increase

The product will

From this, we can see how important humidity is to factories or enterprises in the textile industry. It is understood that when some textile factories or enterprises just realized the importance of humidity to products, they often used manual spraying of water to humidify the workshops. The results were not good, which often led to problems such as substandard humidity and slippery ground. Later, people tried air conditioning humidifying, steam humidifying and other methods, but the effects were not very good. Now, with the progress of science and technology_ Cotton workshop humidifier and ZS series intelligent spray humidifier are favored by many textile mills across the country

[Product weight] It can prevent moisture loss in textile processing and storage, which will reduce the weight loss from the common 4% to 0.5%

[Yarn quality] Accurate humidification can maintain the strength and elasticity of yarn, so as to produce better products; And the reduction of off-line also reduces waste

[Electrostatic control] The static electricity generated by wool and dust will lead to the reduction of production and quality, the stagnation of the machine, the discomfort of employees, and even the occurrence of accidents. Increasing humidity can naturally eliminate static electricity and alleviate the above problems

[Textile efficiency] Reasonable humidification can reduce spinning thread breakage, machine failure rate, and breakpoints and knots in finished products

[Staff health] The humidifier can provide 5-10 ° C cooling for the textile production workshop, and inhibit dust, fugitive dust and wool. This will provide a healthier and more efficient environment for employees

Product features

_ The humidifier in cotton spinning workshop and ZS series intelligent spray humidifier products adopt the principle of ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation to achieve the purpose of uniform humidification; With air humidification, purification, anti-static and dust prevention, cooling, dust reduction and other purposes; For humidifiers of other humidification methods, it has the obvious advantages of [fine atomized particles], [low energy consumption], [high atomization energy efficiency], and [fast humidification speed]: it can not only conduct uniform humidification in large spaces, but also conduct local humidity compensation in special spaces, with high flexibility. Welcome to inquire the details of the humidifier in the cotton spinning workshop and the automatic humidity control in the cotton spinning workshop

Product parameters

_ Control mode of cotton workshop humidifier and ZS series intelligent spray humidifier, technical parameters: × two hundred and fifty × 400(mm)--◎1 × 110mm

  ZS-20/ZS-20Z--------6KG/H----400(W)---530 × two hundred and fifty × 400(mm)--◎1 × 110mm

  ZS-30/ZS-30Z--------9KG/H----600(W)---630 × three hundred and twenty × 480(mm)--◎1 × 110mm

  _/_-------- 12KG/H---700(W)---630 × three hundred and twenty × 480(mm)--◎1 × 110mm

  ZS-60/ZS-60Z--------18KG/H---1050(W)--630 × three hundred and twenty × 480(mm)--◎2 × 110mm

  ZS-80/ZS-80Z--------24KG/H---1200(W)--630 × three hundred and twenty × 480(mm)--◎2 × 110mm

  ZS-100/ZS-100Z------30KG/H---1400(W)--630 × three hundred and twenty × 480(mm)--◎3 × 110mm

  ZS-F3600/ZS-F3600Z--36KG/H---1550(W)--710 × four hundred × 360(mm)--◎3 × 110mm

  ZS-F4200/ZS-F4200Z--42KG/H---1750(W)--710 × four hundred × 360(mm)--◎4 × 110mm

  ZS-F4800/ZS-F4800Z--48KG/H---2100(W)--710 × four hundred × 360(mm)--◎4 × 110mm

To sum up, Demand, It is recommended to use electrical appliances to provide users with_ Cotton workshop humidifier and ZS series intelligent spray humidifier. The equipment has high humidifying efficiency and speed, which can meet the humidity requirements of large cotton spinning workshops. This equipment has obvious advantages such as automation, intelligence, environmental protection, energy conservation, stability and reliability. It is a better choice for textile air humidification and improving ambient air quality. It is a humidification method widely used in the textile industry at home and abroad

  _ The atomized particles sprayed by cotton workshop humidifier and ZS series intelligent spray humidifier are very small, easy to spread evenly, not easy to coagulate, and will not generate water; In addition, the host is equipped with an intelligent air humidity detection instrument, which can sensitively detect the air humidity and provide it to the system. It can also decide whether to spray or not according to the actual humidity, so as to accurately control the air humidity. All the above news reports about the humidifier in the cotton spinning workshop and the automatic humidity control in the cotton spinning workshop are provided by the electric appliance for your reference only

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