Dehumidifier is an easy move to defeat -Brother Dashi- skillfully

The dehumidifier made a simple move to skillfully repel the news of Brother Dashi. Those who live in the south, work in the south and travel in the south can feel the severe humidity in rainy days, ...

The dehumidifier made a simple move to skillfully repel the news of "Brother Dashi". Those who live in the south, work in the south and travel in the south can feel the severe humidity in rainy days, rainy days in the south and rainy days in summer. Because of the heavy rain, the moisture in the outdoor air is very high, even reaching more than 99% RH; Especially in the rainy days every year, the high temperature and high humidity lead to the continuous increase of air moisture content, approaching saturation. Through personnel access, door and window gaps, outdoor moist air will enter the room, bringing a lot of moisture. As a result, "the quilt is wet, the clothes are wet, the mirror is wet, and the furniture is also wet, even our eyes become wet;

Dehumidifier is an easy move to defeat -Brother Dashi- skillfully

In addition, water will come out on the tile surface, which is due to the humidity in the home caused by climate. In addition, this humid environment will make people feel uncomfortable, and will also affect the use and safety of electrical appliances. Today, I will share with you the super practical skills to solve indoor humidity. It is not only very practical but also can effectively solve the humidity phenomenon. It is very detailed and comprehensive. You can see it at a glance! "Brother Dashi" came to visit, and the dehumidifier could easily beat it back with a move of "moisture vapor separation"

The impact of outdoor moisture and humidity entering the room:; Wooden, leather and cloth furniture are damp and moldy, especially the big white wall is blackened, which makes the home very ugly. In addition, the wall must be rebuilt to restore it, which will cause great damage to the finished decoration products

3. Reduce the daily comfort of home life. The relative humidity of the most comfortable air for human body is 40% - 60% RH. The indoor humidity will increase the indoor temperature, which will directly lead to the damp and sticky bedding, and the clothes will not dry in the air. In summer, the sweat of human body is not easy to evaporate, making people feel stuffy and uncomfortable, breathing is not smooth, affecting the mood, making people feel worried, and greatly reducing the daily comfort of home life

4. It causes damage to electrical appliances. The electrical appliances in the home will become wet in wet weather. However, the current electrical appliances are all integrated with circuit boards, and the wet circuit boards are easy to generate circuit series connection. Once they are turned on, they will be damaged, especially in the case of computers

5. Damaging precious collections. If there are collectors at home, dampness has a great impact on the collection, especially the calligraphy and painting collections

Through the above detailed analysis, we believe that we have learned about the impact of humidity on home life, so let's come up with a very practical solution

Opening windows in wet weather is a subject. It does not mean that opening windows at any time can increase ventilation and achieve dehumidification. Close the doors and windows facing south or southeast, i.e. the upwind direction, and only open the doors and windows facing downwind direction to reduce water vapor entering the room. In a humid climate, you can't always open the window. If you always open the window for ventilation, it will increase the indoor humidity. Because the humidity in the air is very high, when you open the window, the moisture will enter the home with the flow of the air. So in this weather, you only need to open the window for 15 minutes a day for ventilation. In other times, you need to close the window to prevent the outside moisture from entering the home. However, the air humidity outside at noon is at the highest value, so it is not appropriate to open the window. It should be opened in the afternoon or evening when the climate is relatively dry

Home Black Technology -- Five Constant System: a set of systems can comprehensively solve indoor environmental problems such as temperature, humidity, and air quality. It has five functions: constant static, constant oxygen, constant clean, constant temperature, and constant humidity. The constant humidity function in the middle of the five constant system, through the use of a healthy fresh air system and intelligent humidity processing, can control the humidity in the home at 40% - 60% all the year round. With the constant cleaning function without opening windows, it is difficult for the outside humidity to enter the room, so it is more convenient and effective to control the humidity. The five constant system can be said to be a high-end family system in the decoration at present. The overall cost is high, but the effect is obvious. It is easy to solve indoor humidity, and it can make the room achieve the best temperature and humidity for human body, which is very comfortable

If the overall cost of the Wuheng system is too high to accept, and it is beyond the scope of personal economic ability, then there is a simple and effective way is to use high-power intelligent dehumidifiers. The current intelligent dehumidifier has achieved automatic humidity regulation, and the equipment will automatically adjust the dehumidification operation time based on the indoor humidity. It is very intelligent and very direct and effective, as long as the drainage is paid attention to during use

Technical parameters and model selection reference of PD series household automatic dehumidifier&industrial intelligent dehumidifier:

Model A:_ Dehumidification capacity: 28 (L/D) Applicable area: 30-50 (m2) Power: 420 (W)

B Model:_ Dehumidification capacity: 58 (L/D) Applicable area: 50-80 (m2) Power: 670 (W)

C Model:_ Dehumidification capacity: 90 (L/D) Applicable area: 90-120 (m2) Power: 1700 (W)

D Model:_ Dehumidification capacity: 138 (L/D) Applicable area: 130-180 (m2) Power: 2000 (W)

E Model:_ Dehumidification capacity: 166 (L/D) Applicable area: 170-200 (m2) Power: 2200 (W)

F Model:_ Dehumidification capacity: 168 (L/D) Applicable area: 180-230 (m2) Power: 2800 (W)

G Model:_ Dehumidification capacity: 240 (L/D) Applicable area: 240-350 (m2) Power: 4900 (W)

H Model:_ Dehumidification capacity: 360 (L/D) Applicable area: 360-450 (m2) Power: 7000 (W)

I Model:_ Dehumidifying capacity: 480 (L/D) Applicable area: 500-700 (m2) Power: 9900 (W), The humidity in the basement of the first floor or the basement of the basement can completely destroy all valuable facilities. Many people are helpless in the face of the damp and moldy condition caused by "Big Wet Brother"; Over time, this has really become a problem that everyone urgently needs to solve