February 05,2023

Weaving machine in ribbon workshop, and humidification system in ribbon workshop

It is well known that the ambient air temperature and humidity have a significant impact on the production and quality of textile mills, knitting mills, cotton mills, silk mills, weaving mills, ribbon mills and other factories or enterprise workshops. The production and processing in the workshop of the ribbon factory are carried out under the standard temperature and humidity. The strength of the yarn is enhanced, the breakage rate is reduced, the flying hair is reduced, and the static electricity is eliminated, so that the process of fiber stretching, finishing, weaving, etc. can be carried out smoothly. Because of this, the ribbon factory must pay attention to the control of temperature and humidity in its production workshop

Because there is a close relationship between temperature and humidity and fiber performance, when the ribbon is mechanically treated, the temperature and humidity in production have a close relationship with the ribbon production process, and have a great impact on the quality of ribbon products. Therefore, it needs to be used in the production of weaving workshops_ Ribbon workshop humidifier and ZS series intelligent spray humidifier. The temperature and humidity standards of the weaving workshop are formulated by the Production Technology Department according to the requirements of raw materials and product structure, process conditions, seasonal changes, labor protection and energy conservation. The opinions of workshop and air conditioning personnel are solicited and implemented after the approval of the factory department

Product introduction

It is understood that whether the temperature and humidity control in the ribbon workshop is scientific and reasonable will directly affect whether the loom and jet can work smoothly. The specific temperature and humidity standards should be determined according to the type of yarn. Generally speaking, the overall temperature is controlled within 30 ℃, and the relative humidity is controlled at 70% RH, which will greatly ensure the various process requirements of the webbing

The operation of the loom should be stable, and the percentage of filament return and breakage should be reduced as much as possible to ensure the performance of the fabric. If the humidity in the workshop is too low, the warp and weft yarns will be brittle, their strength will be reduced, and they will not withstand the strong impact of the machine and the change of tension, so that the size percentage will increase, the number of broken ends will increase, and at the same time, short yards and wide fabrics will be woven. If the relative humidity is too low, weft shrinkage will occur once the air is dry, and electrostatic effect will occur when the warp yarn is interwoven and rubbed, which will cause the fabric to fuzz and affect the quality and appearance of the fabric. In addition, the relative humidity is too low, the number of flying flowers in the workshop is increased, and the air is turbid, which increases the fatigue sense of the blocking workers and reduces the working efficiency

In general, the relative humidity in the workshop of the webbing factory should not be too low, but should be appropriately high. In this way, the yarn strength is good, the size dropping rate is low, the number of broken ends is reduced, and the production and quality of the webbing are improved. In use_ The upper limit standard of the humidifier can be set to 70% - 75% RH when using the humidifier in the webbing workshop and ZS series intelligent spray humidifier

The product will

[Product weight] can prevent moisture loss during ribbon processing and storage. Increasing humidity can naturally eliminate static electricity and alleviate the above problems

[Yarn quality] Accurate humidification can maintain the strength and elasticity of yarn, so as to produce better products; And the reduction of off-line also reduces waste

[Electrostatic control] The static electricity generated by wool and dust will lead to the reduction of production and quality, the stagnation of the machine, the discomfort of employees, and even the occurrence of accidents

[Textile efficiency] Reasonable humidification can reduce spinning thread breakage, machine failure rate, and breakpoints and knots in finished products

[Staff health] The humidifier can provide 5-10 ° C cooling for the ribbon production workshop, while inhibiting dust, fugitive dust and wool. This will provide a healthier and more efficient environment for employees

The product features

_ The humidifier of ribbon workshop and ZS series intelligent spray humidifier products adopt the principle of ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation, which is the principle of ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation atomization, atomizing water to 1-5 μ M of ultra fine particles, through the pneumatic device, the water mist is diffused into the air, so as to achieve the purpose of uniform spray humidification; With air humidification, purification, anti-static and dust prevention, cooling, dust reduction and other purposes

Compared with humidifiers of other humidification methods, it has the remarkable advantages of [fine atomized particles], [low energy consumption], [high atomization energy efficiency] and [fast humidification speed]. It can not only uniformly humidify large space, but also compensate local humidity in special space, with high flexibility. Welcome to inquire the details of ultrasonic spray humidifier

Product parameters

  _ Control mode of ribbon workshop humidifier and ZS series intelligent spray humidifier, technical parameters:

Product model ------------ Humidification capacity ---- Power (220V) ------ Host size ------------ Fog outlet

  ZS-10/ZS-10Z--------3KG/H----200(W)---530 × two hundred and fifty × 400(mm)--◎1 × 110mm

  ZS-20/ZS-20Z--------6KG/H----400(W)---530 × two hundred and fifty × 400(mm)--◎1 × 110mm

  ZS-30/ZS-30Z--------9KG/H----600(W)---630 × three hundred and twenty × 480(mm)--◎1 × 110mm

  _/_-------- 12KG/H---700(W)---630 × three hundred and twenty × 480(mm)--◎1 × 110mm

  ZS-60/ZS-60Z--------18KG/H---1050(W)--630 × three hundred and twenty × 480(mm)--◎2 × 110mm

  ZS-80/ZS-80Z--------24KG/H---1200(W)--630 × three hundred and twenty × 480(mm)--◎2 × 110mm

  ZS-100/ZS-100Z------30KG/H---1400(W)--630 × three hundred and twenty × 480(mm)--◎3 × 110mm

  ZS-F3600/ZS-F3600Z--36KG/H---1550(W)--710 × four hundred × 360(mm)--◎3 × 110mm

  ZS-F4200/ZS-F4200Z--42KG/H---1750(W)--710 × four hundred × 360(mm)--◎4 × 110mm

  ZS-F4800/ZS-F4800Z--48KG/H---2100(W)--710 × four hundred × 360(mm)--◎4 × 110mm

[Industrial humidifier leasing business] Provide flexible leasing schemes to meet the short-term and long-term leasing requirements of customers

[Rental charge of industrial humidifier] The specific price can be determined according to the model, quantity and days of renting

To sum up, the above conclusion

In conclusion, during the production process of the workshop of the ribbon factory, due to the sizing and moisture absorption characteristics, the performance of the fiber itself changes, as well as the temperature and humidity of the workshop. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a suitable temperature and humidity environment in the webbing workshop by adjusting the air. Create better production conditions for production process and operators, and install_ Weaving workshop humidifier and ZS series intelligent spray humidifier to promote the purpose of improving production, quality and labor efficiency

  _ The ribbon workshop humidifier and ZS series intelligent spray humidifier are named because their average atomized particles can reach 5um dry fog, which can float in the air and evaporate quickly, and there will be no wetland or water dripping. And the installation is fast and convenient, and equipped with an intelligent humidity control system, which can realize the intelligent monitoring of the humidity of the entire workshop environment within the set value! All the above news reports about the humidifier in the ribbon workshop and the humidification system in the ribbon workshop are provided by Mashima Electric, for your reference only

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