August 15,2023

Poor dehumidification effect- Do you know the details of household Dehumidifier-

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Now many families will be equipped with household dehumidifier, especially southerners. Living in a humid environment for a long time will be bad for your health, and the washed clothes will easily become moldy if they cannot be dried completely. dehumidifier can achieve very effective dehumidification effect, and it is not a simple dehumidification, but also can control humidity to keep a suitable humidity in the room

In fact, there are many precautions during the use of the household dehumidifier, which not only has good dehumidification effect, but also can extend the service life of the Dehumidifier

1. When using a household Dehumidifier, try to close the doors and windows to achieve dehumidification effect. Similarly, when using the household Dehumidifier to dry clothes, the operation is to close the doors and windows of the room, adjust the mode to dry clothes when no one is around, and set the humidity to the comfort level when necessary. 2. Place the household Dehumidifier in a ventilated place, keep the air outlet unblocked, and do not place dead corners. Therefore, it is appropriate to place the household Dehumidifier in the middle of the space when using, and at the same time, avoid using the Dehumidifier close to the heat source. 3. After the Dehumidifier moves, place the household Dehumidifier for four to six hours. Because there is cold coal in the compressor pipe of the household Dehumidifier, it takes four to six hours to return to the original position after handling the cold coal. 4. After the household Dehumidifier has been used for a period of time, the air inlet filter screen will accumulate dust. The dust accumulation is too dense, which will affect the dehumidification effect. Therefore, the filter screen should be cleaned frequently to keep the front and rear ventilation smooth