In addition to dust-free workshops, which other workshops need to be equipped with ultrasonic humidifiers

Ultrasonic humidifiers or other humidifiers need to be installed in clean, dust-free, and SMT workshops to control humidity during air drying, in order to prevent static electricity from damaging prod...
Industry  Dehumidifier_PH Series

Industry Dehumidifier_PH Series

Ultrasonic humidifiers or other humidifiers need to be installed in clean, dust-free, and SMT workshops to control humidity during air drying, in order to prevent static electricity from damaging production. So is it only these strict workshops that require humidification? Do ordinary production workshops no longer require humidification? For example, car spray painting workshops, wheel hub polishing workshops, and ordinary production workshops except for the textile and printing industries If you think that these workshops do not require humidification, then it is a big mistake. Modern industrial production, whether it is high-precision electronic products or other production equipment, needs to do a good job in preventing static electricity. For example, in the fireworks production workshop, do you dare to say that preventing static electricity is not important? Once electrostatic discharge ignites gunpowder, the danger is not as great as usual, and the entire workshop will be completely destroyed

One of the main reasons for configuring a humidifier is to prevent static electricity. We know that the danger of electrostatic discharge is definitely not just about damaging electronic products, but also the potential source of fire. Taking the automobile spray painting workshop as an example, we should know that spray painting is a very dangerous operation. First, paint is a chemical product, which has an impact on human health. Second, the thinner used for paint is a flammable, explosive and volatile liquid, such as Lacquer thinner. If the air is full of a large number of combustible gases, and electrostatic discharge is encountered, the danger will be great

The configuration of humidifiers has another function, which is to reduce dust. The explosion at Kunshan Wheel Hub Factory in August 2015 caused hundreds of casualties, mainly due to the high dust content in the air, which reached the critical point of the explosion. This disaster could have been avoided, but its dust removal equipment malfunctioned and the dust could not be discharged in a timely manner. However, if a humidifier was installed, the dust particles would fall to the ground due to the adsorption of water vapor, which would reduce the dust content in the air and prevent explosions. Moreover, dust reduction can also ensure product quality Some people may think that humidified air is only used in autumn and winter, but it can also be used in summer. Due to the small size of the particles in the ultrasonic humidifier, when it drifts into the air, it will absorb the heat and vaporize, thereby reducing the temperature. Using it in some closed but non air-conditioned environments can reduce the temperature in the workplace, create a good working environment for workers, and improve work efficiency

It can be seen that humidifiers are not only available in high-tech dust-free workshops, but also in other production workshops. Ultrasonic humidifiers can quickly increase air humidity, play a role in preventing static electricity, falling dust, and reducing temperature. All three functions can improve production efficiency, ensure product quality, and ensure that enterprise production can proceed safely and smoothly. PARKOO ultrasonic humidifier has the advantages of fine atomization particles, low energy consumption, high atomization energy efficiency, and fast humidification speed. We provide customers with a complete air humidification solution to solve any problems related to air humidification


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