July 20,2023

Families should also guard against dampness in autumn

Industry  Dehumidifier_PDGT Series We, located in the southern region, have to deal with dampness all year round. Isn't there a joke circulating online? You are as warm as spring in the cold nights of the north, and I shiver under the bright winter sun. The north relies on heating to resist cold, while the south relies on positive energy. The most hurtful thing is winter. The cold in the north is a physical attack, while the cold in the south is a magical attack. One is the surface cold, while the other is cold to the bone. The reason for the emergence of these network buzzwords is damp

This year's solar term has passed the White Dew, and from this time on, autumn has officially entered. The temperature is getting colder day by day, but for southern regions, the air humidity does not decrease with the temperature. Today's Hangzhou weather forecast shows that the indoor air humidity is 90%, which is comparable to that of returning to the south. Due to the influence of the monsoon, the precipitation in the southern region after autumn is almost the same as that of returning to the south. Therefore, at this time, families still need to do a good job in preventing dampness. Otherwise, the damage to quality of life caused by the dampness during the returning to the south and the rainy season will occur again

Due to the fact that the temperature in autumn is getting colder day by day, the dampness in autumn can even decrease your quality of life. As the temperature continues to drop, water vapor can easily turn into droplets, which is the origin of white dew. The reflection at home is that washed clothes are harder to dry than during the southern and rainy seasons In addition, families with children are prone to getting sick due to their weak resistance and long-term exposure to humid environments. Skin diseases such as eczema are prone to recurrence, and adults have to take their children to the hospital one after another, repeatedly taking medication and injections. The children suffer and the adults suffer unbearably. The weekend was originally a good time for a family autumn outing, but due to the child's illness, they had to spend it in the hospital From this, it can be seen that in autumn, it is even more important to prevent dampness. By eliminating dampness, it is equivalent to eliminating the conditions for various bacteria to reproduce and spread. Therefore, children are given a protective clothing to prevent illness. Therefore, dehumidifier should be equipped at home to prevent moisture

The advantages of home configuration of dehumidifier are self-evident. On the one hand, home dehumidifier can quickly reduce the air humidity, take away the humidity and keep it fresh as before; On the other hand, all modern Dehumidifier have the function of drying clothes. As long as the clothes are placed in a closed space and the Dehumidifier is opened, the clothes can be quickly dried, which solves the problem of difficult drying clothes. Moreover, the current Dehumidifier is equipped with a universal wheel at the bottom of the machine, which can move freely at any time, anywhere, and is very convenient