March 22,2023

Dehumidifier for wind turbine generator room_ DW wind turbine dehumidification system

Drying Dehumidifier_CGF Series

dehumidifier for wind turbine generator room_ As we all know, DW wind turbine dehumidification system technology trends, wind power generation environment is generally in the sea, coast, mountain, river basin shore where the isothermal humidity conditions are relatively harsh. The traditional ordinary refrigerated dehumidifier cannot meet the working environment of low temperature/high temperature and vibration due to its Freon working medium characteristics, so it needs to use the wind turbine dehumidifier--_ DW wind turbine generator room dehumidifier and PD series intelligent industrial low-temperature dehumidifier are used for dehumidification

1. Application environment of dehumidifier in wind turbine generator room: when the wind speed is greater than 5 m/s, this area is qualified for wind power generation, which determines that the site selection of wind turbine generator is generally: near coastline, offshore artificial platform, open river bank, mountain top, grassland, desert and other remote open areas

2. The selection of dehumidifiers for wind turbine generator room depends on the following factors:

b) The wind turbine generator unit is located in the harsh outdoor environment, and the proportion of days in the high humidity state where the temperature is lower than 5-10 ℃ is still very high (such as the wind power generation environment in rainy winter, rivers and coastlines). Ordinary refrigerated dehumidifiers have little to do in this state

c) Easy to install and maintain. To sum up, the current mature dehumidifier is suitable for the dehumidifier of wind turbine engine room_ DW wind turbine room dehumidifier and PD series intelligent industrial low-temperature dehumidifier are not included

3. The main features of the dehumidifier in the wind turbine generator room are the wide temperature range: 2-38 ℃ ultra wide humidity environment is applicable: the dehumidifier can still be used when the relative humidity is lower than 30% RH

Wind power generation is an important way for human beings to obtain power in the future. China has invested heavily in wind power in recent years; However, the humidity problem of wind power is very serious. Electric appliances have cooperated with many large domestic wind power enterprises and successfully operated