How to keep fresh fresh vegetables- Fresh vegetable humidifier

How to keep fresh fresh vegetables? As we all know, fresh vegetable humidifier news information is very common in our daily life. Fresh vegetable preservation is worth paying attention to, especially ...

How to keep fresh fresh vegetables? As we all know, fresh vegetable humidifier news information is very common in our daily life. Fresh vegetable preservation is worth paying attention to, especially in fresh distribution enterprises or supermarkets. It is very important to keep fresh and tidy. Clean and fresh fresh vegetables on the shelves are easy to make people have the desire to buy. However, in life, fresh vegetable preservation is really a troublesome thing. There are also a variety of contradictory preservation methods on the Internet, and Xiao Bian also has a headache for this. The improper preservation of fresh vegetables will not delay the deterioration of fresh vegetables, but will also rot in advance

The fresh vegetables after picking mainly face the problem of evaporation dehydration, which is caused by high ambient temperature or drying. For fresh vegetables, the lower the temperature and the drier the air, the easier it is to preserve nutrients and moisture. How to keep the freshness of fresh goods for a long time and ensure the quality of goods is the key to attract customers to buy fresh vegetable supermarkets. Only good on-site operation management and professional fresh-keeping technology can ensure the freshness and quality of fresh commodities. So, what are the methods for fresh-keeping in the fresh supermarket? Next, this article will list the recommended fresh-keeping methods

How to keep fresh fresh vegetables- Fresh vegetable humidifier

I. Watering: Watering is the simplest and most convenient method. It is often seen that vegetable farmers often bring a small water bottle to sprinkle water when selling vegetables. There is a reason for this, because fresh vegetables exposed to the air will lose nutrition with the slow evaporation of water, and will affect the beauty of fresh vegetables, so they cannot be sold

For businesses, watering can avoid dehydration and weighing of fresh vegetables. But for consumers, this not only increases the weight of fresh vegetables, but also reduces the nutritional value of fresh vegetables. However, if no water is sprayed, fresh vegetables will naturally dehydrate, leading to aging and withering of leaves. Therefore, in dry weather, we must always pay attention to the loss of water in fresh vegetables, and do a good job in basic preservation. The watering shall be moderate, otherwise it is easy to cause decay and withering

IV. spray method: In supermarkets and fruit and vegetable stores, people often see a large number of spray humidifiers to keep the humidity in the air, so that the fresh vegetables on the display cabinet have sufficient water, which not only improves the appearance, but also effectively keeps the fresh vegetables. Its principle is similar to sprinkling water, because atomized water vapor can stay longer in the air, It can also control humidity more accurately, so the effect is much better than watering

spray can provide water for fresh vegetables for a long time, so the effect is better than watering. Watering and spray are more natural ways to keep fresh, because if there is enough water, the fresh vegetables will be in a "growing" state, but the fresh vegetables have been separated from the root system, so the preservation time will be very long. This method is usually applicable to selling fresh vegetables that are cleared on the same day. This method can be selected in case of equipment conditions. Citizens can also use humidifiers at home to achieve the same effect

I Increase the life of fresh fruits and vegetables on the shelf Increase the fresh-keeping time of fresh fruits and vegetables, and reduce the frequency of replenishment

II The spray system reduces the waste of fresh fruits and vegetables by 50%. It reduces the price reduction of fresh fruits and vegetables by at least 50%, or the waste of discarding them. The accumulated amount is considerable

III Improve the visual effect of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables will look particularly fresh after spray, which will better cater to customers' psychology. The freshness of fresh fruits and vegetables will enhance customers' overall appreciation for the store's handling of these products. Therefore, it gives customers a better market image and value

IV Avoid the loss of water and weight of fresh fruits and vegetables spray on fresh fruits and vegetables, especially when pricing by volume, which can avoid the volatilization of profits. The weight of ordinary fresh fruits and vegetables is usually reduced by 2% - 7% within 24 hours. When the weight of fresh fruits and vegetables decreases, it also affects the appearance and quality, and the weight is usually easier to quantify than the appearance and quality

Humidifier for fresh vegetables_ And_ The fresh vegetable fresh-keeping humidifier can not only be installed in the air curtain cabinet, freezer, fresh-keeping cabinet, display cabinet, but also can be installed on the fresh vegetable rack and platform for spray humidification of fresh vegetables and fruits, so as to achieve a very good fresh-keeping and moisturizing effect. Welcome to inquire how to keep fresh fresh vegetables? Fresh vegetable humidifier details! There are many types of humidifiers, and different brands of humidifiers have different prices and application ranges. We will provide you with high-quality after-sales service and solutions

Fresh vegetable humidifier_ And_ Technical parameters of fresh vegetable fresh-keeping humidifier:

Control mode of fresh vegetable humidifier ZS-20 and ZS series fresh vegetable fresh-keeping humidifier, Technical parameters:

Fresh vegetable humidifier SJ series and ZS series fresh vegetable fresh-keeping humidifier common specifications and applicable lengths are as follows:

1. SJ series: spray amount 3kg/h → single side 0~3.0m → double side 0~1.5m

2. ZS-10: spray amount 3kg/h → single side 0~3.0m → double side 0~1.5m

3. ZS-20: spray volume 6kg/h → single side 3.6~6.0m → double side 1.2~3.0m

4. ZS-30: spray amount 9kg/h → single side 5.0~9.0m → double side 2.4~5.0m

  5、_: Spray volume 12kg/h → single side 7.0~11.0m → double side 4.8~7.0m

6. ZS-60: spray volume 18kg/h → 12.0~18.0m on one side → 7.0~12.0m on both sides

7. ZS-80: spray amount 24kg/h → single side 18.0~24.0m → double side 12.0~14.0m

These are the fresh-keeping measures for fresh vegetable products. Fresh vegetable products cannot be sold out every day. Therefore, the fresh-keeping methods for fresh vegetables need to be well studied, which can effectively reduce losses and increase profits. If none of the above methods can solve the problem, it is the last resort, because fresh vegetables can only be discarded after they have rotted, which has no economic value. Therefore, we should always estimate the appearance of fresh vegetables. Fresh vegetables should highlight the freshness. If the quality cannot be guaranteed, we can only adjust the strategy accordingly and sell them as soon as possible to avoid greater losses. How to keep fresh fresh vegetables? The whole content of the fresh vegetable humidifier is provided by the electric appliance, for your reference only