Industrial Dehumidifier plays an important role in industrial production

The industrial Dehumidifier can solve problems such as rotting, corrosion, water stains and mold caused by high humidity in basements, warehouses, offices, factories or industrial stores. Water can al...
Industrial Drying Dehumidifier_High Temperature

Industrial Drying Dehumidifier_High Temperature

The industrial dehumidifier can solve problems such as rotting, corrosion, water stains and mold caused by high humidity in basements, warehouses, offices, factories or industrial stores. Water can also attract pests, causing additional problems and harm. Industrial dehumidifier are manufactured to remove excess moisture from large spaces or commercial environments - protecting your property and the health of you, your staff and your visitors. Today, Xiao Bian will take you to understand the important role of some industrial Dehumidifier in industrial production

1. Corrosion prevention

Steel is not prone to rust when the relative humidity is below 50%. dehumidification is a more effective and cost-effective option for protecting your assets than applying protective paint. For example, on-site flow, workshops, warehouses, etc. are the most typical dehumidification applications

2. Prevent product condensation and warehouse frost

If the dew point temperature in the air is lower than the surface temperature of the object.

. The surface of the object will not experience condensation. Dewing may cause a series of problems such as corrosion or short circuits in the circuit system If the dew point temperature of the air is lower than the surface temperature of the coil, there will be no frost formation. For cold storage, frosting can worsen its performance. Dehumidification can help you stay away from the troubles of ice and frost

3. Prevent products from getting damp and deteriorating

The quality of drugs, food, sugar, and other easily damp items can only be guaranteed in environments with low relative humidity.

. If your product is prone to moisture absorption and deterioration, then you should consider dehumidification

4. Dehumidify buildings

The most effective way is to use a Dehumidifier to dehumidify new buildings or buildings that have suffered from water disasters. Heating only transfers water vapor to other parts of the building, and heating and ventilation can cause high energy consumption. Dehumidifier is an effective way to save energy in building dehumidification

5. Preventing mold

When the relative humidity of the surrounding air is less than 70%, mold can be prevented from forming on objects. In some cases, dehumidification is very important, such as in the storage of wooden products. Dehumidifier also needs to be installed in houses with basements

6. Drying and cooling products

Relatively low humidity can accelerate the process of product drying or cooling.

. If the product is sensitive to high temperatures, it can only be dried by reducing air humidity. During the cooling process, dehumidification can prevent condensation on the surface of low-temperature objects, accelerate cooling, and save costs

7. Prevent changes in the performance of electronic products

In environments with high relative humidity, the performance of electronic products may change

8. Bacterial containment

Bacteria need to survive and reproduce in a humid environment. Easily hygroscopic substances are usually breeding grounds for bacteria. If the relative humidity of the ambient air is below 50%, the vast majority of bacteria will not be able to reproduce

9. Reduce industrial odor

If the relative humidity is below 50%, the unpleasant odor will be reduced. For example, the installation of Dehumidifier in the sewage treatment station can control the diffusion of odor

10. Prevent the impact of humid weather on human health

Improper humidity can easily cause illness and affect human health. Many bacteria have a longer lifespan in excessively dry or humid environments, and a longer lifespan in high humidity environments. The research shows that when the relative humidity is 35%~50%, the Time to live of bacteria is reduced, and the skin diseases caused by humidity are also relatively reduced; Wet weather is suitable for the growth and reproduction of bacteria, which can easily cause a series of diseases, such as influenza, respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, skin diseases, arthritis, psychological discomfort, etc

The development speed of contemporary industry is very fast, and production enterprises will only have stricter requirements for the environmental humidity in the workshop. If the humidity in the workshop exceeds the required level, it will affect the quality of products, cause damage to mechanical equipment, and affect the physical health of workers. This shows how important the industrial Dehumidifier plays in industrial production


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