August 01,2023

Don't let your body and mood become moldy on Mei Yutian

Industry  Dehumidifier_CF 6.8 For those who have confidence and do not mind temporary success or failure, there is no such thing as failure! There is no such thing as failure for people with unwavering determination! Let go of others, but he still insists; There is no such thing as failure for someone who retreats while they still move forward! Stand up immediately every time you fall; Every time someone falls to the ground, they jump higher like a ball, there's no such thing as failure—— Hugo


You may have tried various dehumidification methods, but in the end it is not as dry as a dehumidifier

BAO PD253D's self introduction

1. Area

30 square single room 120 square suites can be used

30 square single room and 120 square suite are applicable

2. dehumidification capacity

The daily dehumidification capacity can reach 24L, meeting the needs of all households


3 Dry clothes

can quickly extract moisture from clothes at room temperature without direct sunlight or high temperature heating.

4. Purify

positive and negative ion dehumidification, eliminate odors, improve air quality Built in UV ultraviolet radiation

Positive and negative ion dehumidification to eliminate ultraviolet small, improve air and build in UV

5. Remote control

The handheld app is set up before returning home, making you comfortable and dry, The operation is also very convenient

PARKOO dehumidifier. Single dehumidification can not solve all problems. You can choose a Dehumidifier that can not only dehumidify but also purify the air and assist in drying clothes to solve the problems caused by humidity