June 18,2023

Edible mushroom humidifier

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Edible fungus humidifier, news of humidification equipment for factory planting of edible fungi: As we all know, common edible fungi such as shiitake mushroom, mushroom, agaric, tremella, hericium erinaceus, and bamboo fungus have spread all over the table of ordinary people. However, at present, part of the production of edible fungi in China still stays in the family manual workshop operation, with simple production facilities, backward technology, small scale, low output, poor efficiency, and poor quality The production mode of low efficiency and waste of resources is extremely inconsistent with the requirements of today's market and economic development

In recent years, with the rapid development of the production of edible fungi, industrialized production of edible fungi has become an urgent task and development trend of the production of edible fungi in China. Efforts should be made to promote the facility production of edible fungi, promote the intelligent level of environmental control for the production of edible fungi, improve the automation level of the production of edible fungi, improve the output rate and quality of edible fungi per unit area, and improve the economic benefits of the production of edible fungi It is of great significance to enhance the competitiveness of edible fungi production in China

Edible fungus factories and mushroom farmers all over the country want to ensure the normal growth of edible fungus plants, high yield and high quality. The most important condition is to ensure a good environment in the growth process and each stage of various edible fungi, including ventilation, humidity, temperature, light, pH and other factors. If the growth environment of edible fungi is slightly unsuitable, it may have a great impact on its growth, yield and quality

Especially the humidity in the ambient air. If the air humidity in the edible fungus greenhouse is too low, the growth environment is too dry, and the relative humidity in the greenhouse is required to be about 80-90% RH at the mushroom production stage. Then, it is necessary to use ZS-F60Z edible fungus humidifier and ZS series ultrasonic spray humidifier to increase the humidity, so as to meet the water required by edible fungi, and also to achieve the cooling effect, so that edible fungi can grow in an optimal humidity environment, which is a crucial link to improve the production and quality of food fungi

ZS-F60Z edible fungus humidifier and ZS series ultrasonic spray humidifier products, for humidifiers of other humidification methods, have the remarkable advantages of [fine atomized particles], [low energy consumption], [high atomization energy efficiency], and [fast humidification speed], and their effects on the production of edible fungus seeds:

1. It can increase the germination rate of edible fungus from 60% to 90%; 2. The days of germ culture and ex warehouse were 7 days shorter than before; 3. The growth period is 5 days shorter than before, and the overall cycle is 12 days shorter; 4. High yield and high quality increase income, and the survival rate increases to 90%; 5. Eradicate many diseases during the growth and development of edible fungi

Welcome to inquire about the details of the humidifier for edible fungi and the humidifier for industrialized cultivation of edible fungi! There are many kinds of industrial humidifiers, and different brands of industrial humidifiers have different prices and application ranges. We will provide you with comprehensive after-sales service and high-quality solutions

Control mode of ZS-F60Z edible fungus humidifier and ZS series ultrasonic spray humidifier, Technical parameters:

Control method

Humidification amount 1.8kg/h

Humidification amount 3kg/h

Humidification capacity 6kg/h

Humidification capacity 9kg/h

Humidification capacity 12kg/h

Humidification capacity 18kg/h

switch control







Timing control





_ S


Humidity control







Fog method

Single tube

Single tube

Single tube

Double tube

Double tube

Three tube

Power consumption







Net weight






55kg, When calculating the humidification amount, it is generally necessary to leave a certain margin, that is, to increase the humidification amount accordingly, and to comprehensively calculate the required humidification amount and the corresponding humidifier model in the space from the lowest humidity state to the most ideal humidity range

Six core configuration advantages of ZS-F60Z edible fungus humidifier and ZS series ultrasonic spray humidifier products:

Advantage 1: [all stainless steel box]

Advantage 2: [integrated atomizer]

Advantage 3: [IP68 waterproof power supply]

Advantage 4: [Bearing waterproof fan]

Advantage 5: [Alkali acid resistant ceramic atomizer]

Advantage 6: [High precision humidity sensor]

Effects of common varieties of edible fungi on moisture and air humidity of culture medium