July 05,2023

Hoisting of steam remover and fast steam remover

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It is well known that many food processing plants or enterprises generally conduct cooking or baking and other treatment methods in the production and processing of bread and pastry, beancurd processing, meat products, soy sauce, wine making, etc. In the steaming pot workshop, not only a large amount of water vapor will be generated continuously, but also a large amount of water will be contained in the air; Moreover, the temperature inside the whole workshop is also very high, and the feeling of muggy and humid is very uncomfortable

In the whole workshop of these factories or enterprises, a large amount of water vapor accumulates and diffuses. If it is not removed in time, there will be a scene of white smoke and low visibility. In addition, the floor of the workshop is slippery, full of pungent smell, and the air is dirty, which seriously affects the normal production and operation order and the service life of the equipment! The steam may not be obvious in summer, but in cold winter, when the outdoor temperature is relatively low, the hot steam will quickly combine with the cold air, forming water droplets on the ceiling, walls and machines

In addition, in such a bad working environment, the staff members are inefficient, have low enthusiasm for work, and even have great damage to their health, which easily leads to occupational diseases! In the past, some food processing plants or enterprises would adopt the traditional method of removing steam by installing fans and air ducts to exhaust the steam in the food cooking workshop, but the effect was not very good when there was a large amount of steam; In addition, the heat in the workshop is also discharged to the outside, which will undoubtedly increase the energy consumption of the workshop production environment, seriously interfere with and affect the ground environment and the normal work of personnel

Therefore, in the case of steam pervasion in the workshop, the most simple and effective method for steam removal in the workshop with good sealing performance or the workshop that cannot directly extract steam out of the room is to configure corresponding_ D lifting steam remover and PD series central ceiling steam remover are used to remove a large amount of steam generated in the workshop effectively and efficiently, reduce the concentration of steam in the air of the plant, so that the whole workshop can maintain a relatively dry and comfortable environment

  _ D lifting steam remover and PD series central ceiling steam remover adopt new evaporator and easy disassembly structure design, which not only improves the steam removal efficiency of the unit, makes the distribution of air flow uniform, but also makes the unit realize the advantages of light weight, small volume and ultra-thin body under the condition of ensuring the capacity and efficiency. This series of products has a wide range of steam removal, strong wind, stable air outlet, low noise and accurate control

  _ D Hoisting steam remover and PD series central ceiling steam remover Product features: ◎ Light design ◎ Simple installation ◎ Comprehensive air supply ◎ Intelligent control ◎ Remote control ◎ High efficiency and low noise; Welcome to consult the details of hoisting steam remover and quick steam remover

  _ Technical parameters of D lifting steam remover and PD series central ceiling steam remover:

◆ Product specifications -- basic specifications: for conventional models with steam removal capacity of 1kg/h to 20kg/h, different installation methods or models with special requirements can be provided according to the requirements of the use site. The brand of the compressor, the size of the steam removal capacity, and the overall dimensions can be selected). The appearance, technical parameters, product models, specifications and dimensions of the above products are for reference only, and the actual factory products shall prevail

To sum up_ D lifting steam remover and PD series central ceiling steam remover have fundamentally solved the water vapor problem in many food processing plants or enterprise workshops. They can not only remove a large amount of water vapor in time, but also reduce indoor air humidity, solve the moisture problem and improve the working environment. Due to hot steam, it has a certain temperature and humidity; Therefore, moisture and corrosion resistance treatment is required to ensure low maintenance during use, long service life and worry free

For this reason, more and more food processing plants or enterprises have been installed and used in cooking workshops, baking workshops and other workshop environments that are prone to generate a lot of steam_ D hoisting steam remover and PD series central suspended ceiling steam remover are used for steam removal, with wide comprehensive effect and application range, and low operation cost! All the above information about lifting the steam remover and lifting the steam quick removal device is provided by the electrical appliance for your reference and study