July 29,2023

Bread meat powder floss is penalized, and industrial drying equipment allows you to reduce production costs

Industry  Dehumidifier_PH Series The relevant department stated that as a well-known bread and pastry enterprise in Shanghai, the party involved used lower priced meat floss as the raw material to make bread, but promoted and sold it under the name of meat floss bread. Ordinary consumers find it difficult to distinguish between meat floss and meat floss, which violates their right to know It is reported that there is a significant difference between meat floss and real meat floss. Meat floss is a powder made by removing moisture from meat such as chicken, pork, or beef, while meat floss is made by mixing pea powder with some meat powder. The production cost and nutritional value of the two differ greatly Experts remind that in order to enhance the flavor of meat, "meat powder floss" usually contains meat flavor additives. Although consuming in small amounts is not harmful to human health, if accumulated to a certain amount, it will affect physical health

(1) low operating costs, and the operating costs of the high-temperature heat pump dryer are comparable to those of fuel and coal; About 40% lower than fuel (gas) costs; Save more than 50% compared to pure energy consuming devices

(2) Green and environmentally friendly, using dedicated high-temperature refrigerants that do not pollute the environment and are environmentally friendly

(3) The output hot air temperature is high, and the high-temperature heat pump evaporator absorbs the heat from the external air or recovers the waste heat from the exhaust during the drying process. After the compressor works, the energy is transported (transferred) to the drying box. The hot air in the drying box is repeatedly heated to absorb the moisture in the material. Through the process of hot air dehumidification or condensation, the water in the material is discharged and taken away, Finally, continuous drying of materials is achieved. And the maximum temperature is 85 ℃

(4) Safe and reliable, without any electric heating device, fundamentally eliminating the occurrence of leakage accidents in ordinary electric heating dryers, and avoiding the danger of oxygen deficiency, leakage, and other hazards caused by the use of gas, fuel, and coal heating systems in closed spaces