The demand for dried vegetables has always been high, and there is a market for vegetable dryers

Whether its for health or consumer price, food cant be eaten often, but vegetables can be eaten often. Fresh vegetables stay fresh for a short period of time. After drying, they are not only good fo...
Household Dehumidifier_161 Series

Household Dehumidifier_161 Series

Whether it's for health or consumer price, food can't be eaten often, but vegetables can be eaten often. Fresh vegetables stay fresh for a short period of time. After drying, they are not only good for preservation, but also have more cooking methods to choose from. In the past two years, with the improvement of people's standard of living, the environmental protection of vegetables, quality is more focused on some of the quality of good quality dried vegetables, such as kingfisher, cauliflower, black fungus, mushrooms and other kinds of dried vegetables into the high-end shopping malls, giving people a refreshing feeling, in the price of nature is also much higher, the added value of vegetables have been enhanced, speaking of which the various cooperatives of the business owners to pay attention to, and today share with you an energy-saving, Environmental protection, convenient, drying color quality is very good air energy vegetable dryer.

Let's go back to the case site for a moment to find out what's going on.

A factory in Guangdong, the original vegetable workshop, are sun-dried, the site is disorganized, there are mosquitoes and insects nuisance, unhygienic, encountered rainy days, the loss of large. Dried vegetables are not good.

With the vegetable dryer, now can be 24 hours drying, rainy days, rainy days according to the drying, does not affect the yield, the site in order, drying fast, vegetables discharged in the shelf car, into the closed loop drying room for drying, the process without any pollution. A set of 7P vegetable drying dryer, drying about 1300 pounds of vegetables, according to the initial moisture content of the different, the whole drying process 8-15 hours to complete. The moisture content of the dried vegetables is accurate, stable and uniform in all parts. The cost of drying is about 0.2-0.5 dollars.

Hunan a enterprise, vegetable dryer (radish drying), Hunan Zhang boss mainly dry white radish, pepper, making brand radish sticks, the original use of drying and sun-drying form, but with the expansion of the sales market, the production of more and more strict quality requirements. With the use of vegetable dryer to improve production capacity, quality and brand image, Mr. Zhang's brand of dried radish and chili sauce are now selling very well in the local and national market.

Vegetable dryer includes the drying of various types of vegetables, fruits and gourds, such as cauliflower, bulbuls, daikon, chili peppers, potato flakes, huayama, kudzu, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, etc., many agricultural cooperatives are also through the upgrading of equipment to improve the efficiency and quality of agricultural products drying method, the local green products industrialization, scale, quality, sold throughout the country, thus driving the local people to become rich and wealthy! Vegetables are also going to have a magnificent turnaround!


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