Recommend 3 dehumidification methods to cope with the attack on the southern sky

After entering March, people in the southern region will face attacks returning to the southern sky. At this point, whether indoors or outdoors, whether during the day or night, ubiquitous moisture pe...
Industry  Dehumidifier_890 Series

Industry Dehumidifier_890 Series

After entering March, people in the southern region will face attacks returning to the southern sky. At this point, whether indoors or outdoors, whether during the day or night, ubiquitous moisture permeates the surroundings, even mocked by netizens: in the south, there is not only the present, but also "wet" and distant

How to solve this problem in such a humid indoor environment? Years of experience in "moisture prevention" have summarized a large number of methods for moisture-proof and dehumidification. Below is to share with everyone

1: Close the windows in the morning and evening, and refuse moisture from entering the room

household dehumidifier

When returning to the south, try to close the doors and windows at home, especially the windows facing south and southeast, to prevent moisture from entering the room. Special attention should be paid to the morning and evening, which are the most severe periods of the day. If doors and windows are not closed in time, a large amount of water vapor will flow into the room and invade every corner of the house The advantages and disadvantages of closing windows in the morning and evening

If you are concerned about closing doors and windows to maintain indoor ventilation, you can open the windows at noon to ventilate and remember to close them before sunset. The humidity entering at night will be more difficult to dissipate as it cannot be exposed to sunlight This method is the most primitive and simple, but the effect is the worst. It can only reduce the increase in moisture by a small amount and cannot remove moisture. It should be used as an auxiliary means of dehumidification and dehumidification, rather than the main method

Recommended level: ★☆☆☆

2: Desiccants for household dehumidification

In addition to preventing moisture from entering the room, we should also use some positive methods to achieve the goal of preventing moisture and dehumidification.

Placing desiccant is one of them. Supermarkets or the internet can purchase desiccants, dehumidification packaging, and hygroscopic box products for dehumidification, placing them in living rooms, bedrooms, wardrobes, etc., and absorbing water vapor in the air to reduce humidity Advantages and disadvantages of placing moisture-proof, dehumidifying bags, and desiccants The advantage of this method is that the dehumidification packaging has a small volume and can be placed anywhere, such as in wardrobes and drawers, while purposefully removing moisture from one place But also because the dehumidification bag is too small, the moisture-proof effect is limited, and there is only a small area to remove some moisture, so the entire room dehumidification is basically useless. In addition, some desiccants are made of quicklime, which can easily harm children and pets if they accidentally come into contact with water or are injured by bear children and pets

Recommended level: ★★☆☆☆

3: household dehumidifier

In fact, we can also use some high-tech means to prevent moisture, such as buying a Dehumidifier When it comes to dehumidifiers, many people will say that air conditioners also have dehumidification functions. But the dehumidification and blowing out of the air conditioner are cold air. When the temperature is not high, the air conditioning will be very cold. Moreover, when the air conditioning is on for a long time, the room becomes too dry and uncomfortable In contrast, dehumidification is more comfortable, and dehumidifiers do not infinitely reduce humidity. Humidity will drop to an appropriate value and will not continue to decrease. In addition, today's Dehumidifier generally has the function of drying clothes, which is particularly suitable for solving the problem of drying clothes in the south

Advantages and disadvantages of using Dehumidifier

The disadvantage of Dehumidifier is that the price is slightly higher, and many families are unwilling to invest too much in this area. The price of Dehumidifier is different from the applicable area of dehumidification. The more expensive the dehumidification area is, if the house is a small house, a Dehumidifier less than 1000 yuan is enough

Recommendation level: ★★★★★★

Here are some suggestions for purchasing dehumidifiers

At present, there are many brands of household Dehumidifier on the market. When making a purchase, the preferred choice is a large brand, based on qualifications and certification of the brand Do not purchase an unknown brand of dehumidifier to save 200 or 300 yuan. Later, the frequency issue was equivalent to buying a troublesome one and going home When selecting a model, it mainly depends on the dehumidification area. The purchase of Dehumidifier should be determined according to the size of its own area. Each Dehumidifier is suitable for many spaces, and there will be notes. If you buy it correctly, you don't need to pursue high power and large areas. It is enough. The more expensive the dehumidification area is, the more expensive it will be


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