July 31,2023

Control the humidity of hotel housing to improve guest accommodation experience


The hotel's service directly affects guests' memory and return rate. On the other hand, the environment of hotel rooms directly affects guests' sense of experience, with temperature and humidity being an important factor When checking in, the hotel room is controlled at 20 ° C, and guests can directly feel it and adjust it through air conditioning. But what about the humidity? Excessive humidity values are usually caused by incorrect ventilation, showering, or bathing, with humidity distributed from the bathroom to other rooms. Sweat and breathing can also have a certain impact. The more times a hotel room is occupied, the longer a guest stays in their room, and the more important it becomes to control room humidity A suitable room temperature and humidity is a prerequisite for the happiness of hotel guests. If the air in a room is too hot or humid, it will appear stale and stuffy, not only making it difficult to breathe, but also producing a musty odor in the room. When the humidity level exceeds the comfortable range of 30% -50%, or even 60%, due to excessive moisture, indoor objects will feel damp and sticky. Water droplets are condensation products that can hinder the decoration of a room due to spots. The structure and interior of buildings often experience damage in a short period of time. The wallpaper will be covered with mold stains, curtains, clothes, and beds will become damp and moldy, and if it gets worse, mold will ravage the corners. Inappropriate humidity can also darken furniture, damage electrical appliances, and increase maintenance costs

It is an ideal choice to control the humidity of the hotel room and equip each room with a PARKOO dehumidifier separately

BAO dehumidifier can choose different high-performance models according to the size and furnishings of hotel rooms to adapt to the accommodation environment and create a comfortable atmosphere for guests. On the other hand, PARKOO dehumidifier is equipped with an air filter, so it can additionally remove dust, fuzz, etc. in the indoor air, giving guests a more satisfactory accommodation experience

BAO Dehumidifier, with low noise reduction design and centrifugal wind wheel, operates stably, does not disturb the rest of guests, and enjoys peaceful accommodation. The super large water tank can also be drained through external hoses, achieving relatively unmanned continuous operation, saving worry and peace of mind

PARKOO Dehumidifier helps to control condensation and moisture, and prevent such unpleasant experience by precisely controlling the relative humidity level, so as to ensure that guests have a good time in the hotel