June 16,2023

EBC project public toilet air disinfection and deodorization machine

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EBC project public toilet air disinfection deodorizer

People have three anxieties. When they go out, public toilets become everyone's choice

When driving out, the public toilets in the service areas of each expressway are very popular...

Public transport travel, airport, station, and rail transit public toilets are essential to punch in points...

During holidays, public toilets in scenic spots and cities have become our urgent targets...

Eating, drinking, shopping, shopping, and playing are few of the public toilets in major shopping malls and entertainment places...

For hardworking workers, the public toilet in the office building is definitely a place for easy decompression...

All the above public toilet environments represent the hygienic image of the major EBC engineering systems

As we all know, the environment of public toilets is humid all the year round, which provides a good living environment for bacteria. The problem of how to disinfect and sterilize public toilets safely is always troubling us

Public toilets are areas with serious indoor air pollution, with odor, peculiar smell and bacterial pollution as the first. The gas composed of these harmful substances, regardless of the size of the gas, is the "invisible killer" of pollution and the enemy of human health

The disinfection and sterilization of public toilet environment cannot be ignored. Only by ensuring the safety of living environment and building a healthy and safe living environment for the general public, can virus transmission and infection be avoided. At this time, the public toilets need a professional means of deodorization and disinfection - from electrical appliances_ The public toilet air disinfection and deodorization machine is small in size and large in purification, creating a healthy, safe and fresh air environment for the public environment

As a single celled organism, viruses survive by their own way of division. Their transmission in the air is mainly attached to particles in the air, mainly PM0.3 and other particles. This is what we call the aerosol way. The virus is transmitted by droplet and contact, and influenza virus is mostly transmitted by droplet air_ The public toilet air disinfection and deodorization machine can actively kill viruses in the air, play a role in sterilization, odor removal and other purification effects, and can also clean the indoor air

With the rapid economic development, it is inevitable to cause environmental pollution, whether in office or in indoor public places such as shopping malls, stations, airports, etc_ The public toilet air disinfection and deodorization machine degrades and eliminates bacteria, viruses and harmful impurities in the air. For pregnant women or children, they breathe healthy, fresh and clean air. In such an environmental space, people can live a healthy and safe life