August 10,2023

The indoor environment of -Postpartum confinement- cannot be ignored

Household Dehumidifier_161 Series After 10 months of nutrition sharing and several hours of 'bloody childbirth', the mother's physical fitness and resistance will decrease, and the overall performance is relatively weak. Therefore, we need a long time of good rest and recuperation, that is, Postpartum confinement. When most parturients are in Postpartum confinement, they pay much attention to the body's recuperation and diet nutrition, but often ignore the environment of Postpartum confinement. In fact, the recuperation and recuperation during Postpartum confinement need the support of suitable environment. The environment suitable for Postpartum confinement can play a role in promoting the physical recovery of pregnant women to a certain extent. So, what is a suitable environment for Postpartum confinement

1. The room suitable for Postpartum confinement should be a comfortable room with thermal insulation, not too spacious and damp. This is because the physique and resistance of postpartum women are to a certain extent lower, and too spacious and humid rooms are not conducive to their daily living activities

2. The room suitable for Postpartum confinement should be sunny and well oriented. In the scorching summer, overheating can be avoided, and in the cold winter months, maximum sunlight can be obtained to keep the room warm. At the same time, the room for Postpartum confinement should pay attention to daylighting, with moderate light and shade, and it is better to have multiple curtains and other shelters, which can adjust the daylighting at any time according to the needs of the puerpera 3. The bedroom should have good ventilation. According to the climate of the four seasons and the physical condition of the mother, even in winter, the room should be regularly opened for ventilation to ensure fresh air Through the requirements of the above three points, it is not difficult to see that whether it is determined by the size of the living space or from the perspective of ventilation and lighting, the final decision is the temperature and humidity in the room. So, what is the room temperature and humidity of high-quality Postpartum confinement The appropriate temperature and humidity vary depending on the season. In winter, the temperature should be maintained at 18-25 ℃ and the humidity should be maintained at 30-80%; In summer, the temperature should be maintained at 23-28 ° C and the humidity should be maintained at 30-60%

Accurately control the temperature and humidity of Postpartum confinement's living environment. You can configure a dehumidifier in your room. The dehumidifier draws the humid air into the machine by the fan and passes through the heat exchanger. At this time, the water molecules in the air condense into water droplets, and the treated dry air is discharged out of the machine, so as to keep the indoor humidity at the appropriate relative humidity. The use of household dehumidifier can create a dry and comfortable living environment, which can make the lying in women happy in spirit and mood, and is conducive to their recuperation and recovery