August 03,2023

Don't want to be a cold -trendsetter-- Doing dehumidification in winter

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Cold air masses reported one after another, and the cold air carried a large amount of moisture, causing the wardrobe, walls, and other parts of the house to be threatened by mold. However, since the weather cannot be changed, we have to rely on the effort of the day after tomorrow. Here are four types of moisture-proof items that I will search for. You can try using these small and large magic weapons to help you pass a dry and comfortable winter

Indoor dehumidification with charcoal and bamboo charcoal in winter

For families with children who do not want to use commercially available chemical products for dehumidification, it is recommended to use charcoal and bamboo charcoal to make dehumidification boxes, which not only have natural components, but also have a deodorizing effect on the surface gaps.

. However, due to the limited dehumidification effect of charcoal and bamboo charcoal, it is more suitable to place them in small spaces such as shoe cabinets and wardrobes. But please also note that it takes about 3 to 6 months to replace to maintain the effect, and used charcoal and bamboo charcoal can be reused as long as they are dried in the sun

Winter indoor dehumidification baking soda powder, laundry detergent

baking soda powder can be ranked as the most practical small item at home, regardless of its dehumidification, cleaning, and other functions.

. In order to make better use of it, baking soda powder can be used as a hygroscopic powder first. After absorbing moisture and clumping, it can be used to remove mold and stubborn dirt, fully exerting its effectiveness. The same goes for laundry detergent, but because it has a faint aroma, it can make the space emit a faint fragrance. After its dehumidification is completed, it can return to its original job and help wash and fragrance clothes at home

Indoor dehumidifier dehumidifier in winter? There is a specialty in the industry. Compared with air conditioners, dehumidifier are naturally more efficient in reducing humidity. However, considering the size of the space, small families or renters who live below 10 floors can use air conditioners as long as they always maintain ventilation, otherwise they will be compressed to storage space. In addition, if the number of flats in the home is large, it is recommended to purchase a Dehumidifier so that it can be moved at any time to dehumidify each space

Indoor dehumidification Used coffee grounds in winter. Place homemade small dehumidification bags in areas such as kitchen supplies storage cabinets to maintain fragrance and freshness

Whether the dehumidifier is turned on or the air conditioner dehumidifier is turned on, remember to let the machine have enough rest time to avoid overheating and easy power consumption; Bamboo charcoal, charcoal, and other powders, although they can absorb moisture, should also be careful not to get close to fire sources to avoid danger! The intelligence gentleman hopes that everyone can have a warm and comfortable winter