July 31,2023

Food safety accelerates the development of Dehumidifier industry

Drying Dehumidifier_CGF Series

The food safety panic in the United States and Europe has prompted food processors to pay attention to drying and dehumidification systems to ensure appropriate levels of humidity in food production facilities Ensuring the correct moisture levels for food production is crucial, especially for the meat industry, as food hygiene and safety regulations become increasingly strict, which has become a fundamental element of production In the past year, there have been meat recalls that have led to pathogen contamination, and ensuring public safety and confidence is an important challenge facing the meat processing industry. Furthermore, from an economic perspective, the cost of violating regulations is even higher The increase in water content inside slaughterhouses is influenced by various factors, such as the release of water vapor during the slaughter process, cooking process, and temperature difference As an engineering solution, the possibility of controlling condensation by ensuring humidity levels is rapidly increasing

Now, the typical low-temperature dehumidifier system can effectively remove moisture condensation in the air. At the same time, cool the dehumidifier to cool the air and then discharge the water. The moisture is released during the heating of the exhaust airflow, completely avoiding the danger of high humidity