July 02,2023

Hoisting steam collector_ D. Steam collection condensate recovery unit

Household Dehumidifier_221 Series

Hoisting steam collector_ D. It is well known that the technical trends of the steam collection condensate water recovery device will produce a large amount of water vapor when cooking in the kitchen. At this time, it is only necessary to install an exhaust fan to discharge water vapor

In the process of steaming steamed bread, rice and steamed bread in large central kitchens of hotels, restaurants, canteens and other catering industries, a certain amount of water will be added to the steaming furnace equipment, and then the power supply will be connected for heating. Since a large amount of water vapor will be generated after boiling, the heat contained in these water vapor is mainly divided into two parts, one is sensible heat, that is, the heat in water vapor and the heat carried by some air

The other part is latent heat, that is, the heat released when water vapor is liquefied. If the heat is not recycled, it will be wasted. At the same time, if the residual steam in the kitchen cannot be discharged in time, it will lead to blurred vision, and in serious cases, it will increase indoor humidity and affect work safety

According to the actual measurement, steaming steamed bread takes about 30 minutes and consumes 80 kg of water. Among them, the water absorbed by steamed bread can be ignored, and the waste heat of steam generated is calculated as 1.58 × 106kJ, ideally, 80kg of water can be recovered

At present, the kitchen mainly uses natural ventilation to exhaust the excess steam generated when the steam furnace works. Although this method is very practical, there are many problems:

Second, steam is directly discharged into outdoor air, resulting in waste of steam waste heat

III. The fresh water after steam liquefaction cannot be recycled, resulting in a valuable waste of fresh water resources

To this end, the appliance provides a kitchen steam collection condensate recovery device--_ D hoisting steam collector and PD series steam collection condensate recovery integrated machine, which have obvious steam removal effect and can effectively recover condensate resources

At present, the water vapor generated in the production process of many enterprises is directly discharged into the air, resulting in high local air humidity of production equipment, which is vulnerable to moisture or corrosion aging. At the same time, a large amount of water vapor is directly discharged into the air, which also increases the temperature of the workshop and is not conducive to the normal operation of workers. It seriously affects the work efficiency and increases the production cost of the enterprise

At present, there is no comparison between_ D hoisting steam collector and PD series steam collection condensate recovery integrated machine are more suitable for steam removal and steam condensate recovery, which are used to discharge steam in the workshops of pharmaceutical, chemical, agricultural and sideline products and food processing enterprises, to solve the humidity problem in the workshops, and the working environment of employees is comfortable; By contrast, exhaust fans, negative pressure fans and duct fans are all standing aside