Improper use of humidifiers can cause -humidifier pneumonia-

In the heating season, even in the cold north, rooms can be as warm as spring. Of course, warm flow can also bring some problems, such as dryness, static electricity...At this point, we always want ...
In the heating season, even in the cold north, rooms can be as warm as spring. Of course, "warm flow" can also bring some problems, such as dryness, static electricity...

At this point, we always want to turn on the humidifier, but if you don't thoroughly clean and disinfect it, or use the wrong method, it is likely to become an indoor pathogen Next, let me tell you how to use an adder correctly during the dry to explosive season

Improper use of humidifiers can cause -humidifier pneumonia-

The humidifier may cause pneumonia If you experience symptoms such as fever, cough, and difficulty breathing after using a humidifier, would you like to ask if it is "humidifier pneumonia" Due to the prolonged use of humidifiers, if not properly cleaned and disinfected, fungi or bacteria can grow on the inner walls. Some pathogenic bacteria enter the respiratory tract and lungs of the human body through small droplets, leading to allergic reactions (allergic reactions) and causing allergic pneumonia

High humidity is prone to the growth of bacteria, and long-term presence in this environment greatly increases the likelihood of being invaded by bacteria and viruses, leading to a greater chance of pathogen infection What should we do in case of "humidifier pneumonia" Firstly, we should get rid of the environment and stop using humidifiers. Secondly, it is necessary to go to the respiratory department of the hospital in a timely manner and use medication according to the doctor's advice The body's favorite humidity is between 45% -65%. Humidifiers should only be considered when the humidity is below 30%. It's not winter now, you need a humidifier. It's not good to be too dry or too wet. If you want to use a humidifier, you'd better install a Hygrometer at home to monitor the air humidity at any time When the air humidity is between 45% and 65%, pathogens are less likely to spread. When the humidity exceeds 80%, bacteria, dust mites, and mold are prone to breeding, causing the human body to feel stuffy and hot. Water vapor condenses on walls, floors, and tabletops. At this point, we should stop using humidifiers and opening windows for ventilation, otherwise it may cause symptoms such as allergies and asthma When the humidity is below 30%, the mucous membrane may feel uncomfortable, such as dry skin, itchy eyes, dry nasal cavity, and itchy throat For patients with rheumatoid arthritis or middle-aged and elderly people without rheumatoid arthritis, humidifiers should not blow to any part of the body for a long time. Although you may not feel it, this kind of bad behavior can easily trigger and exacerbate rheumatism, which is likely to erode your body Pay attention to these four points during use to reduce the health problems caused by humidifiers How to purchase a humidifier? Typically, an ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation water mist humidifier is used to atomize water into ultrafine particles of 1-5 microns. Through pneumatic devices, "water mist" diffuses into the air, which is called an ultrasonic humidifier. The white mist sprayed by the humidifier easily absorbs harmful substances such as dust and bacteria in the air. When choosing a humidifier, you should try not to choose white fog or choose less white fog In addition, the hand can also be placed at the air jet for approximately 10 seconds. If there are no water droplets on the palm of the hand, it indicates that the most important component of an ultrasonic humidifier is an energy exchanger with good uniformity, and vice versa, indicating that the process is rough 2. "Water" in the humidifier is the best "pure water".

After using tap water, the appearance of scale is difficult to avoid.

. Long term use not only reduces the lifespan of the machine, but also releases harmful substances to the human body. It is recommended to use cold boiled water, pure water, or distilled water with less impurities When using a humidifier, do not add fungicides randomly to avoid diseases caused by inhalation

perfume and essential oils contain fragrance and preservatives and should not be added to humidifiers 3. The humidifier needs to be cleaned regularly Humidifiers that have not been used for a period of time must be thoroughly cleaned the first time they are started. When cleaning, you can repeatedly clean with tap water, and then use a soft cloth to wipe the scale around the water tank, minimizing the use of disinfectants

4. How to place a humidifier is best

To ensure the humidification effect, the humidifier should be placed on a stable surface 0.5 to 1.5 meters above the ground.

It is best to place the humidifier in a well ventilated and well lit area, and never approach wooden furniture, otherwise the wood will expand and dry again next year, which is prone to cracking and rotting