July 11,2023

How many dehumidifiers are selected for the 100 square meter basement- 90L basement dehumidifier

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How many dehumidifiers are selected for the 100 square meter basement? Technical trends of 90L basement dehumidifier: In the plum rain season, this person is a sticky gada all day long... People living on low floors should be able to obviously feel the moisture returning at home

A friend with a basement in his house must have experienced a comeback. It should be said that it happens from time to time, as long as there is a temperature difference between cold and warm weather, and the air humidity is relatively high

The main cause of the basement damp return in the rainy season in Jiangnan is the condensate formed by the opposition of cold and warm air currents! It's condensate! Not the infiltration of groundwater

The interior space of the basement is directly lit and ventilated through the windows on the south and west sides. It is precisely because of this large-scale opening of the basement that I have to attach great importance to various prevention methods against moisture

  _ The principle of basement dehumidifier and PD series intelligent humidity control dehumidifier: wet air is pumped into the machine by the fan, and frost is formed under the interaction of the refrigeration system (compressor, evaporator, cooler). The system automatically heats up and defrosts the water into the water tank, producing dry air to be discharged. This cycle reduces the indoor humidity, and the wet space gradually becomes dry and cool

1 set for every 100 square meters_ The basement dehumidifier has a power of about 1500 watts

Remember: in addition to the socket,

the floor drain with external interface (for continuous drainage) should be reserved at the preset position of the dehumidifier.

The dehumidifier can continue to work until dawn at 10 pm on peak and valley power

Basically, 1 set in the basement_ The dehumidifier in the basement is enough

In summer, the rain is frequent, the air humidity is relatively high, and the high temperature and humidity cause serious humidity. The temperature of the basement wall and ground is lower than that of the air, reaching the dew point, and the moisture in the air condenses on the ground surface when it is cold. In addition, the concrete on the basement wall is dense, and the condensed water is not easy to seep down, so a layer of water droplets or layers often appear on the ground