March 15,2023

Conventional heating dehumidifier, intelligent dehumidification controlled by one button

Industry  Dehumidifier_890 Series

As we all know, there are many rainy days in spring and summer, and the weather is warming up at the same time

In particular, the southward weather and rainy days in southern China often bring a series of problems due to humidity. Humidity can cause many problems in industrial production:

When the relative humidity of the air exceeds 70% RH, it is easy to cause some items to become damp and mildewed, such as wood furniture, printing paper, clothing and fabrics

Drugs and foods that are prone to dampness are easy to deteriorate and endanger human health

When the relative humidity of the air is greater than 80% RH, the mechanical equipment, metal parts, steel, etc. whose surface has been galvanized or painted will be easily corroded and rusted

However, some precision instrument workshops may cause short circuit of power equipment due to condensation, which may bring potential safety hazards

Therefore, in industrial production, the control of environmental humidity is very important, and a little carelessness will cause huge economic losses

The dehumidifier can quickly reduce the air humidity and avoid a series of problems caused by high humidity

  _ Conventional temperature rise dehumidifiers and Parkoo series intelligent humidity control dehumidifiers are widely used in factory workshops, warehouses, clean rooms, power distribution rooms, natatoriums, libraries, museums, underground parking lots and other large indoor places that require humidity control. Welcome to inquire about the details of the conventional heating dehumidifier and the one touch intelligent dehumidifier

  _ Conventional temperature rise dehumidifier and Parkoo series intelligent humidity control dehumidifier are highly efficient, energy-saving and environment-friendly dehumidifier products manufactured by strict use of professional technology and exquisite workmanship. They are equipped with an intelligent humidity constant control system. Users can automatically control the operation and shutdown of the dehumidifier according to production needs, achieve efficient dehumidification effect through automatic control, and reduce the operating cost of the whole machine

  _ Technical parameters of conventional heating dehumidifier and Parkoo series intelligent humidity control dehumidifier:

(220V model: _/_/PD880LB/_/_)

(380V model: _/_/_/_)

[Requirements for dehumidifier leasing business] Provide flexible leasing schemes to meet customers' short-term and long-term leasing requirements

[Dehumidifier rental charging standard] The price can be determined according to the rental model, rental quantity and rental days

◎ Precautions for model selection -- The selection of dehumidification capacity and model of dehumidifier is mainly based on the volume of the used environmental space, the size of fresh air volume, the humidity requirements required by the space environment and other specific values for scientific calculation. In addition, it should be noted that the relative humidity of the environment is related to the temperature of the environment. The higher the temperature is, the faster the humidity will evaporate. On the contrary, the worse the effect will be. Therefore, when configuring the dehumidifier, you need to select the type under the guidance of professionals, so that you can select the dehumidifier that is most suitable for you

Core tip: In addition to floor dehumidifiers, there are also ceiling pipe dehumidifiers to meet your various installation needs

In addition, there are some industries that need drying operations, such as agricultural and sideline products drying, seafood drying, wood furniture drying, water-based paint drying, EPC drying and other industrial products drying

  _ The conventional temperature rise dehumidifier and Parkoo series intelligent humidity control dehumidifier can not only reduce the environmental humidity, but also increase the temperature rise heating module to increase the ambient temperature to accelerate the product drying speed and improve the production efficiency

Adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship, we focus on the R&D and production of equipment in the field of air temperature and humidity, and provide reasonable air temperature and humidity solutions with reliable product processes, professional technical teams and high-quality services

All the above contents about the conventional heating dehumidifier and the one button intelligent dehumidifier are provided by Mashima Electric, for your reference only