July 12,2023

Hot pot store food fresh-keeping humidifier

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The food fresh-keeping humidifier in the hot pot shop makes the food in the hot pot shop "fresh" step by step. As we all know, the more fresh the food, the more attractive it will be; Xiao Bian also often goes to buy food in groups. Once a group went to a fat cow hotpot restaurant, the leafy vegetables were OK. After all, they just picked and washed, but the meat and seafood ingredients were really appetizing. The meat was dry, and the small ingredients had no sense of moisture. There was no fresh look. Xiao Bian had to hurry to make amends for his family. He said silently that he would not come next time, he would not come next time, he would not come next time...

Product introductio

The owner of a hot pot shop asked how to keep the dishes fresh

Know the answer: as long as there are many people and good business, the dishes in that hotpot restaurant must be the freshest

The owner of the hotpot shop probably cursed in his heart: nonsense!!! Who doesn't know? You should answer

The pursuit of fresh ingredients and dishes is a must for every hotpot restaurant operator. This familiar sentence pattern has been repeated many times in the food program "China on the Tongue" broadcast by CCTV. The owner of a hot pot shop may notice the freshness of leafy vegetables, but ignore the freshness of frozen meat slices and seafood. This problem exists in hot pot restaurants, barbecue restaurants, Malatang restaurants and string restaurants

The product will

humidifiers on the air curtain cabinets, freezers, food tables and ice tables. In addition to keeping the ingredients fresh, the fog falling from the top produces a visual effect of clouds and mist, The combination of lights is like a colorful waterfall. This unique landscape effect also deeply attracts the attention of consumers

Product Features

The product features has made food spray fresh-keeping equipment based on electrical appliances for so many years. In this case, we don't talk about the principle today. For example,

This is a hot pot shop in Chongqing. There is a row of display shelves on the side next to the wall, with various food materials on them. There is a spray tube on the side of the display shelf, and every three or five minutes, the fine mist is sprayed out. Compared with the manual spray, the mist particles are much finer, and the automatic equipment will not forget to work regularly. The spray duration can be adjusted in different seasons to ensure the humidity of the small environment in the food area and keep the food moist. There will be no hardening and discoloration of meat due to drying, and wilting and withering of vegetables

Product parameters

BX-4 (spray volume 4kg/h) and BX-4 (spray volume 8kg/h) The food fresh-keeping humidifier in the hot pot shop adopts ultrasonic atomization fresh-keeping technology, with 2 million ultrasonic high-frequency shocks per second, atomizing water into 1-5 micron ultrafine particles and negative oxygen ions, diffusing the water mist particles through the pneumatic device, atomizing the water through the pipe and spraying it on the surface of the food, In this way, the freshness of the ingredients can be guaranteed and the selling time of the ingredients can be extended; Therefore, the secret of keeping the ingredients fresh every day in the hot pot shop is the food fresh-keeping humidifier., It can only be installed in the air curtain cabinet, freezer, fresh-keeping cabinet, display cabinet, and can also be installed on the vegetable rack and platform to conduct spray humidification of fresh vegetables and fruits, so as to achieve a very good fresh-keeping and moisturizing effect

To sum up, the above conclusion

humidifiers for regular spray humidification is obviously simpler and more convenient than manual watering, and can also keep meat and seafood fresh for a longer time

Friends gather for snacks. Hot pot restaurants, barbecue restaurants, Malatang restaurants and string restaurants are all catering models with a high rate of table turnover. If such restaurants do well, they need a good reputation. Fresh and sufficient are the two most popular comment words of hot pot restaurant in public comments. I hope you can do well in these two words to attract more repeat customers. All the above contents about the food fresh-keeping humidifier in the hot pot shop, which makes the food in the hot pot shop "fresh" step by step, are provided by Zhengdao Electric, for your reference only