January 23,2023

Full automatic spray disinfection machine, indoor automatic spray disinfection system

It is well known that in the indoor environment of many places, such as our daily living environment, office environment and working environment, viruses and bacteria are everywhere, invisible to the naked eye and untouchable. They are always hidden on our bodies, clothes, and even food and fruit we eat, Why are people more likely to suffer from respiratory diseases, rashes and other diseases in spring and winter? Because the temperature in spring is suitable, all kinds of bacteria are active, and the human body is easy to get sick. So, how should we disinfect these bacteria and viruses in the indoor environment

Especially the children and the elderly with weak human immunity are more likely to stay indoors for a long time. If the air quality in the room is poor and the ventilation is not well circulated, the room that seems to be windless and rainless may contain a lot of bacteria. Therefore, disinfection and sterilization are also daily necessary cleaning procedures. The use of disinfection and sterilization air disinfection machine is a very good choice

In the highly competitive market of air disinfectors, a wide range of air disinfectors have filled everyone's eyes. These disinfectors not only bring you rich products, but also bring trouble to your selection. Many air disinfectors are similar in appearance and function, but their prices vary greatly. Yes, for household and commercial products, how to choose the right air disinfector? The most reasonable and suitable air disinfection equipment is selected through comprehensive consideration of the style, working principle, applicable space volume and purchase budget of the air disinfection machine. 1、 Style selection is required. Air disinfectors are generally divided into four types: wall mounted, mobile, (vertical) cabinet and ceiling mounted. At present, the most commonly used indoor environments in most places are wall mounted and mobile

Among many air disinfectors, mobile full-automatic spray disinfectors are widely used, and the disinfection effect is also the most stable and ideal at present. They can be used in some important places such as indoor environment, clinics, sanatoriums, nursing homes, etc., such as intensive care units, operating rooms, neonatal rooms and other departments, and some places with high environmental and air requirements, These places have high requirements for air quality and strict control over the amount of indoor bacteria, so timely guarantee is needed! For this reason, it has been applied in many places. You can see the busy figure of these mobile full-automatic spray disinfectors in the indoor environment, hotels and other crowded places

It is because of them that we can live happily in an environment with few bacteria and work, study and produce efficiently. Mobile full-automatic spray disinfectors are the guardians of our health. There are also some biopharmaceutical and food production and packaging workshops, as well as some public places and places with large flow of people. It is also the most appropriate and reliable to use mobile full-automatic spray disinfectors for spray disinfection and sterilization. Its application range is very wide, and the use effect is also very good. It can not only effectively remove dust and floating dust in the air, but also remove bacteria and odorous gases, It will not cause secondary pollution

Generally, ultraviolet ray, spray and ozone are used to disinfect indoor space and air, but both of them are harmful to human health; So now most of the personnel disinfection channel equipment is spray disinfection equipment--_ Full automatic spray disinfection machine and XD series mobile atomization disinfection machine are used for spray disinfection:

[Intelligent disinfection] equipment adopts the manual automatic control mode, which can be connected with the infrared induction device for intelligent disinfection. It can distinguish the direction of entry and exit of personnel, so that every person can be disinfected, and every person will not be missed; The operation life of the equipment is increased while the cost is saved

[Large amount of spray] The equipment has a large amount of spray, which can produce a large amount of disinfection fog in a short time, and can diffuse to all corners of the disinfection room in a short time, to meet the disinfection needs of large area and short duration

[Fine fog particles] The ultrasonic atomization principle adopted by the product enables the disinfection fog produced by the product to reach the micron level, and the fog drops comprehensively and stereoscopically wrap the disinfected objects, making the disinfection of pedestrians more comfortable and 360 ° all-round disinfection without dead corners

[Simple operation] The equipment is easy to operate without training and understanding the principle of the equipment. There is no technical threshold requirement. After adding the concentrated solution for disinfection and odor removal once, spray disinfection is automatically completed without care for half a month or one month

  _ The full-automatic spray disinfection machine and XD series mobile atomization disinfection machine do not need to connect the water pipe. Put the pure water bucket (18.9L) on the liquid supply, and can move spray disinfection. It is a new generation of energy-saving, efficient, clean and sanitary air disinfection, sterilization, deodorization, and dust reduction and cooling equipment. Once launched, it was immediately popularized in many fields, and became the only choice to replace many spray disinfection types such as high-pressure spray disinfection machine, air-water mixing disinfection machine, centrifugal mobile disinfection machine, etc! Welcome to consult the details of full-automatic spray disinfection machine and indoor automatic spray disinfection system

 _ Atomization amount and control mode of full-automatic spray disinfection machine and XD series mobile atomization disinfection machine:

※ Use of personnel disinfection channel_ How about the effect of full-automatic spray disinfection machine and XD series mobile atomization disinfection machine? It is believed that this is a problem that many consumers will be concerned about. Here is a brief introduction:

◎ The personnel disinfection channel can quickly kill foreign viruses and bacteria carried by human bodies, and block the transmission of foreign diseases on farms

◎ The atomization effect is good, the fog flow is crossed in many directions, the coverage is comprehensive, the adhesion is strong, the disinfection and sterilization effect is significant, and the efficiency is high

◎ The general disinfection channel can be completely diffused within 30 seconds. The disinfection time is only 5-15 seconds, which is not harmful to human health and is safer to use

◎ The disinfection scope is comprehensive and the whole body is thoroughly disinfected, which can effectively isolate the source of infection and reduce the harm of viruses and germs to everyone; No hidden danger of disinfection is left

To sum up:_ The full-automatic spray disinfection machine and XD series mobile atomization disinfection machine are not only convenient to use, but also easier to carry. As the name implies, the mobile full-automatic spray disinfection machine is a disinfection machine that can move around according to your needs. This mobile full-automatic spray disinfection machine is very simple to operate, and ordinary sanitation aunts can skillfully use this machine even without education. Moreover, the mobile full-automatic spray disinfection machine is extremely convenient to carry, and can be moved at any time according to the needs of everyone. It appears on all fronts of disinfection. It is also very suitable for disinfection in multiple sections. For some places, installing a specified wall mounted air disinfection machine is a bit wasteful, but it will cause hidden dangers if it is not disinfected. Therefore, the mobile full-automatic spray disinfection machine can solve this problem very well. Just push the mobile full-automatic spray disinfection machine here every day, and send it to other places for disinfection after detoxification

Nowadays, this kind of mobile full-automatic spray sterilizer will be used in the indoor environment of general places. In a good indoor environment, each room will be equipped with a wall mounted sterilizer to reduce the work of disinfection workers. Mobile or wall mounted air disinfectors are all without external machines, which are very convenient to use. They are also completely safe for air disinfection. They can coexist with human and machine, and are non-toxic and have no side effects. Generally, a mobile full-automatic spray disinfection machine is moved to each indoor environment for spray disinfection, and it can reach the standard of Class II indoor environment disinfection requirements within two hours. All the above information about the full-automatic spray disinfection machine and the indoor automatic spray disinfection system is provided by the electrical appliances for your reference

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