Select the right Dehumidifier to reduce the humidity in the pharmacy

Generally, for drug storage areas, the humidity should be below 65%. This is a common rule for drug warehouses, cold storage rooms, etc Recommended pharmacy humidity DehumidifierUnless otherwise speci...
Rotary Dehumidifier_BA Series

Rotary Dehumidifier_BA Series

Generally, for drug storage areas, the humidity should be below 65%. This is a common rule for drug warehouses, cold storage rooms, etc

Recommended pharmacy humidity dehumidifier

Unless otherwise specified by the specific drug manufacturer, the generally recommended humidity is the maximum relative humidity of 65%. The humidity inside a pharmacy may depend on different parameters, but external humidity is the main factor. If you are in a high humidity area, it is natural for the humidity inside the store to be high. In many Middle Eastern countries, humidity is high and shops have air conditioning. Due to the low temperature inside the store, more moisture will be inhaled into the store. In this case, the humidity will reach 75% to 80% RH. This is higher than the recommended level of most drug manufacturers. If it is a drug warehouse with a large space for storing drugs, it needs a high-power industrial dehumidifier. Different spaces and different powers can achieve the desired dehumidification effect

How to reduce the humidity in the pharmacy

In order to reduce the humidity in any enclosed area, we need to use a Dehumidifier. Among many types of Dehumidifier, portable condensing Dehumidifier are most suitable for shops, offices, families, etc. Depending on the size of the pharmacy, you must choose the appropriate model based on its performance capacity. The performance of Dehumidifier is L/H. The larger the store, the higher capacity Dehumidifier you need Installing a dehumidifier in your pharmacy is easy. These machines extract water from the air. We must manually or periodically drain through drainage pipes. If you have not provided the conditions for connecting the drainage pipe, there is a water tank in the dehumidifier. Water is continuously injected into the water tank. Once the water tank is full, the dehumidifier will stop automatically. Then someone must manually drain the water. It is best to connect the drainage pipe for continuous operation

Customers of the Dehumidifier in the pharmacy can adjust the required humidity through the humidifier in the dehumidifier. If the humidity that needs to be adjusted is adjusted to 55%, the machine will continue to operate until the humidity reaches 55% RH. Then the machine automatically stops. Once the humidity rises again, the machine will automatically start working again

How to choose the right Dehumidifier for your store Based on the size of the store, we must choose the model with the appropriate capacity. You can contact our staff to calculate the capacity of the Dehumidifier for you. The selection of capacity also depends on the temperature of the pharmacy. For all pharmacies, the temperature must be below 25 degrees Celsius. When calculating humidity, it is also necessary to pay attention to room temperature

The Hygrometer used in the pharmacy measures humidity

In order to measure the current humidity, you need a Hygrometer called a Hygrometer or a temperature Hygrometer. The instrument displays the current temperature and humidity. The Hygrometer will only display the current reading and will not record the reading. This will help you check the current humidity level to ensure that the room remains at the correct level


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