July 11,2023

Furniture wood secondary dryer wood drying balance curing equipment

Rotary Dehumidifier_BA Series

It is well known that wood contains a certain amount of moisture. In order to ensure the quality of wood and wood products and prolong their service life, appropriate measures must be taken to reduce the moisture (moisture content) in wood to a certain extent. The natural evaporation of water will lead to wood shrinkage, cracking, bending deformation, mildew and other defects, which seriously affect the quality of wood products. Therefore, wood must be subject to forced (controlled) drying before being made into various wood products

The PD-45G furniture wood secondary dryer and PD series heating, heating, drying and dehumidifying integrated dryer specially developed and produced by the electrical appliances carry out intelligent control on the two basic drying functions: heating, dehumidification and humidity control, which are required for drying, to ensure the high humidity environment required in some stages of drying, and to prevent wood cracking, deformation, etc; Ensure that hot and humid air passes through all parts of the pile evenly, so that the moisture content of the dried wood is uniform. Realize highly automatic production in the most energy-saving way

1. Integrated drying treatment of wet wood

All kinds of wet wood are heated to make the water inside the wood evaporate - the water in the wood is pumped out through the efficient cooling and dehumidification process of this system - and then the water inside and outside the wood and the stress are balanced through balanced curing, so that the wood is more stable after drying

2. The secondary drying balance treatment of semi dry wood

Because many of the dry wood purchased in the market has uneven drying, external dryness and internal wetness, it is easy to appear product shrinkage, cracking and other phenomena, which brings great confusion to the product quality of manufacturers. In order to solve these problems, these materials must be twice baked and balanced, so that the moisture content and stress of wood can be balanced and consistent. The treated wood is more stable, so as to effectively improve the quality of products

3. Thermostatic dehumidification of semi-finished products and finished products

During the production process, the surface of semi-finished products and finished products is easy to absorb moisture, which may lead to surface mildew, whitening and paint peeling. To solve these problems, these semi-finished products and finished products can be treated by the production heat pump constant temperature and humidity room before painting to dehumidify the surface. Increase paint adhesion; On the one hand, it can solve the problem of paint whitening and peeling; on the other hand, it can timely find that some materials of the product dare not crack and shrink, and it is more effective to completely solve the quality problems of the product before leaving the factory

4. Apply

in the water-based paint drying room to avoid the impact of the environment (by its finish) on the drying of the product after painting, speed up the surface drying speed, reduce the dust accumulation on the paint surface after too long drying time, which will affect the quality of the paint surface. Therefore, the above problems affecting the product quality can be solved by placing the product in the drying room with constant temperature and humidity after painting. This effectively improves the quality of the paint

Use and attention of wood drying:

PD-45G furniture wood secondary dryer and PD series heating, heating, drying and dehumidifying integrated machine can dry and treat various specifications of wood. It has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, reliable use, short drying cycle, good drying quality, low drying cost, etc. It is widely used in large, medium and small wood processing enterprises, especially for wood processing manufacturers. Under the action of circulating fan, the circulation of high-temperature hot air meets the requirements of the process

Saturated wet steam can make the surface temperature and internal humidity of wood tend to be the same in a short time, so as to achieve the goal of simultaneous drying of wood inside and outside. For different individual sizes of wood, intermittent heating and drying technology is used to solve the internal cracks, fractures, deformation and other defects of wood in the drying process, and greatly improve the yield of high-quality wood

The wood drying equipment is equipped with a heat recovery system, which greatly reduces the drying cost and shortens the drying cycle. When the moisture content of wood drops below 30% - 50%, after high temperature dry steaming, all borers and eggs parasitized in the wood can be killed, which solves the adverse effects caused by borers and improves the economic benefits of the enterprise