February 21,2023

6.1 Jiangnan will enter the plum blossom, and dehumidifiers will protect children's health

6.1 Jiangnan will enter the plum blossom season, and dehumidifiers will protect children's health

International Children's Day, Jiangnan welcomes the plum blossom? According to the weather forecast website, the current signs have shown that China is expected to usher in plum rain weather in Jiangnan on International Children's Day

The south of the Yangtze River, especially Guizhou, Chongqing, Hunan, Jiangxi, Zhejiang and the north central Fujian, will feel the plum rain in advance. Things are more likely to get moldy, and you need to take an umbrella every day when you go out

Parents make great efforts to select the best things for their children, hoping to move forward safely and smoothly on the road of growth

In cold winter and hot summer, parents know to turn on the air conditioner to create a suitable temperature environment for their children

The weather is dry in autumn, and parents can always pick and choose moisturizers and humidifiers for their children

However, one of the factors threatening children's health at home is often overlooked: humidity

In humid seasons such as the southward days and the rainy season, will parents buy a dehumidifier to create a reasonable home air humidity environment? Parents are far less sensitive to humidity than to temperature and dryness

This has a lot to do with the slow perception of humidity by the body sense. This also leads to people's neglect of dampness, and then neglect the harm of dampness to children's health

★ Humidity aggravates eczema: wet environment is not conducive to keeping baby's skin dry, and bacteria will breed, which is easy to aggravate eczema. If the temperature is too high and the humidity is too high, the baby is prone to develop erythema or eczema

★ Dampness breeds bacteria and mold: this will increase the probability of baby's bacterial infection and respiratory tract allergy, and will easily lead to the mildew of food and daily appliances, laying a hidden danger of food safety

★ Humidity reduces comfort: dampness causes wet and sticky bedding, clothes are not dry and have a musty smell, high temperature and humidity in summer affect sweating, and children feel stuffy and tired

Therefore, dehumidification is essential to create a comfortable and healthy home environment for children. Strong dehumidification, use dehumidifier

How to select a dehumidifier? At present, many people regard dehumidifiers as insignificant small household appliances, and just choose a cheaper one at random

This is not desirable. Although dehumidifiers are not as valued as air conditioners and refrigerators, they should pay attention to both price and quality when purchasing

It is better to buy products with good quality and low price, that is, the best cost-effective machine. So, which dehumidifier brands are cost-effective

(ZEDO) dehumidifier has a strong dehumidification effect, creating a 40% - 60% RH dry indoor air humidity environment for home, office, production workshop and other environments, and solving the problem of humidity

I wish every child can be confident as the sun

Every childhood connected by Children's Day is a childhood that can heal a lifetime.

Happy Children's Day

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