August 22,2023

6 key points for cleaning and maintaining Dehumidifier

Household Dehumidifier_PD08 Series

Home dehumidifier is very necessary in our daily life. For example, there are rainy days in the south and rainy days in the north, which have a great impact on the health of the elderly and children! Elderly people are prone to rheumatic pain, while children are prone to weakened immunity due to humid air, resulting in colds and respiratory infections! It is necessary to prepare a dehumidifier! Xiaobian bought a dehumidifier of PARKOO BAO YDA-826E in the south! Now let's talk about how to maintain the Dehumidifier in daily use, so that the machine can take better care of our family's health

1. Read the user manual. Carefully read the user manual of the entire machine to familiarize yourself with specific maintenance instructions. Please place the manual in an easy reference location

2. Close and unplug the dehumidifier. Before cleaning or maintaining the machine, please turn off the machine and unplug the power cord. This will prevent the possibility of electric shock

3. Clean the water collection tank. Remove the water drip. Wash with warm water and mild dishwashing solution. Rinse thoroughly and wipe dry thoroughly with a clean cloth

Clean this part of Dehumidifier regularly, at least once every two weeks If there is an odor in the memory, please add a deodorizer tablet. These tablets can be purchased at home supply stores and dissolved in water when the reservoir is full

4. Check the machine's coils once every season. The dust in the coil may hinder the effect of the Dehumidifier, making it more difficult to work and reducing its efficiency. The dust inside the dust collector may also freeze, causing machine damage

Remove dust and clean the coil on the Dehumidifier every few months to prevent dirt from flowing into the machine. Wipe off the dust with a cloth

5. Check the air filter every 6 months. Remove the air filter and check for damage every six months. Check for holes, tears, or other perforations that may reduce its effectiveness. Depending on the type of air filter you are using, you may be able to clean it and reinstall it into the dehumidifier. Other types require replacement. Check the manufacturer's instructions for specific details about the machine

The air filter is usually located in the grill area of the Dehumidifier. Open the front panel and remove the filter

Some manufacturers of household dehumidifiers recommend more frequent air filter checks, depending on how often you use the machine. Check the manufacturer's instructions for specific information about the machine

6. Restart the Dehumidifier after waiting for 10 minutes. Before restarting, ensure that the machine has been shut down for at least 10 minutes to avoid short cycles and ensure the lifespan of the machine operation