August 19,2023

Let's take healthy air home with PARKOO together

Industry  Dehumidifier_CFT Series We need to learn how to manage our own life, life, and how much glory and wealth there are. It's better to have such a friendship, such mutual understanding, and such tacit understanding. Life doesn't necessarily have to be rich. A plain and light life is also a kind of beauty. Having someone to accompany you to watch the long and thin waters is a beautiful life

PARKOO dehumidifier

What is the function of dehumidifier The main function of this type of equipment is to condense some water molecules in the gas into water droplets, and then discharge the disposed dry gas outside the machine. This cycle keeps the indoor humidity at a suitable relative humidity and improves indoor humidity

2. Reduce bacterial growth

3. Protection of household products, Clothes can dry overnight

household intelligent dehumidifier PD253D

I) professional double effect intelligent dehumidification

positive and negative ions+UV, with dust removal, smoke elimination, odor elimination, air improvement, built-in UV, Easily kill microorganisms

2) One click activation of negative ion purification

Quick dehumidification to prevent moisture from breeding bacteria, which has great benefits for the health of the human respiratory tract and skin

3) Healthy dehumidification

Intelligent constant temperature prepayment for the harm of dampness and cold to family,

, Dehumidification while releasing negative oxygen ions to regulate physiological balance and improve human metabolism. (4) Intelligent WI-FI+remote control

V) Efficient dehumidification, keep your clothes dry

Essential for rainy season and returning to the south. The clothes that have been dried for 3-4 days are still damp, piling up more and more, creating a vicious cycle. With it, your beloved clothes will be dry and comfortable, allowing you to bid farewell to all rainy days and return to the south

PARKOO's little knowledge

PARKOO's new PD253D dehumidifier also has the advantage that, unlike other Dehumidifier, special personnel need to watch over the drainage generated by dumping dehumidification, and the condensate generated by dehumidification can be automatically discharged out of the room through the connected drainage pipes. If you encounter a situation where the location is inconvenient and you can directly discharge the water outdoors, you can also store the water through the water tank. At the same time, the water tank will automatically stop when it is full, relieving your worries! Eliminate all safety hazards