May 20,2023

Portable ultra-low capacity spray, lithium battery electric aerosol spray

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Portable ultra-low capacity spray, lithium battery electric aerosol spray Technical trends To understand the ultra-low capacity spray, we should start with its structure, material, and functional characteristics. The ultra-low capacity spray is formed by connecting the liquid storage tank through the filter screen, connector, suction device (small electric pump), connecting pipe, nozzle and nozzle in turn, and the suction device is a small electric pump; The battery box is connected to the battery through wires and switches, and is placed at the bottom of the liquid storage barrel. The liquid storage barrel can be made into a concave groove for placing the battery. Its advantage is that it eliminates the straw, effectively eliminating the disadvantage of external filtration of disinfectant that harms the operator, saving manpower, good atomization effect, time, labor, and medicine

I. Structural principle of the ultra-low volume spray:, Forming aerosols

II. Functional characteristics of the ultra-low volume spray:; 1m, uniform atomization, no dead corner left, can disinfect the air and all surfaces in public places at the same time. For the ceiling, lampshade, wall, heating and gaps that cannot be cleaned and disinfected by people, use the aerosol spray, the liquid volatilizes quickly, does not wet the surface, has low corrosivity, and the germicidal effect is not affected by humidity. It is small in size, light in weight, portable or dragging, easy to use, and corrosion resistant, All components in contact with the liquid medicine are plastic

III. Materials and performance of ultra-low volume spray:

1. The diameter of droplets is small, the spraying time is short, and they can be well absorbed

2. Equipped with a liquid medicine check device, effectively preventing liquid medicine backflow during shutdown, suitable for different places and purposes; One click switch, easy to start and turn off power, and equipped with leakage protection device, effectively increasing the safety of the product

3. The product body is made of low-pressure high-density PVC, and the nozzle is made of polypropylene. It has the advantages of light weight, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, and portability. The structure is reasonable and compact, beautiful and elegant, and the work is more lightweight and flexible

4. This product adopts the air flow atomization principle, and sprays liquid medicine with high-speed and fine foggy particles, without blocking troubles. The hose nozzle can swing freely, and can be opened and closed instantly, which is convenient. High power and high-speed spray has low labor intensity, good application effect, and saves medicine. The medicine box and translucent medicine box cover are equipped with scales, which makes the use of medicine ratio more convenient