Application environment of industrial rotary dehumidifier and refrigeration dehumidifier

Application environment technology of industrial rotary dehumidifier and refrigeration dehumidifier dynamic temperature and humidity environment plays an important role in industrial production. In th...

Application environment technology of industrial rotary dehumidifier and refrigeration dehumidifier dynamic temperature and humidity environment plays an important role in industrial production. In the daily home environment, if the temperature and humidity do not match, we can easily feel uncomfortable. However, in the industrial environment, if the temperature and humidity do not meet the production and storage requirements, the product will not speak. When it is found that it is damp and moldy, it has already caused a lot of economic losses

For the storage and production environment of different industries and products, the required humidity levels are different, and the production environment requirements of different accuracy and humidity can be achieved through different dehumidifiers. Now let's let the electrical appliances guide you to understand the basic content of industrial dehumidifiers

Types of industrial dehumidifiers: According to the different dehumidification principles, dehumidifiers can be divided into adsorption dehumidifiers and refrigeration dehumidifiers. Let's start with the refrigeration dehumidifiers, which are more widely used

I. Refrigerated dehumidifier: It is applicable to most industrial environments. It can automatically complete dehumidification and humidity control functions by setting humidity requirements in a dehumidifying environment. It has the characteristics of strong durability, wide universality and high cost performance

Application environment of industrial rotary dehumidifier and refrigeration dehumidifier

As we all know, the dehumidification principle of the refrigeration dehumidifier is to draw the moist air into the machine through the fan, cool the air through the heat exchanger, condense the moisture in the air into water droplets, which are collected by the machine, and then send out the dry air. Through this cycle, the indoor humidity can be controlled to a minimum of about 30%, which is well adapted to most environments in industrial production. In some special working conditions, extreme low humidity environment is required, which can be realized through rotary dehumidifier

The normal operating temperature range of the refrigerated industrial dehumidifier is 5-38 ℃, which generally does not affect the normal operation of the dehumidifier. When the ambient temperature is lower than 15 ℃, the dehumidifier may frost or freeze, but the dehumidifier can still be used normally through its defrosting function. If the operating environment is lower than 5 ℃, the following rotary dehumidifier is required for dehumidification

The refrigerated industrial dehumidifier of ZEDO is additionally equipped with multiple interfaces, which can realize remote status monitoring, remote control, dual operation panel and other functions, making dehumidification more intelligent

II. Rotary dehumidifier: With the rapid development of modern high and new technology, the requirements for the production environment are also increasing. Because the temperature of the refrigeration dehumidifier is 18 - 38 degrees, the dehumidification capacity in the low temperature environment is greatly reduced, and even frost does not dehumidify, and the humidity can no longer be reduced when it is lower than 45% under constant temperature, so it can not be applied to the environment with low temperature requirements

The rotary dehumidifier solves the problem in this industry, expands the application field of dehumidifier, and is widely used in cold storage, pharmacy, lithium battery, film workshop, glass lamination and other places

Rotary dehumidifier is a typical representative of adsorption dehumidifier. The runner of the rotary dehumidifier has strong water absorption capacity. When the humid air to be dehumidified passes through the processing area of the runner, the water vapor of the humid air is absorbed by the active silica gel of the runner, and the dry air is sent to the space to be treated by the treatment fan

The slowly rotating wheel carries saturated steam into the regeneration area; The high temperature air blown in the regeneration area reversely causes the moisture absorbed in the runner to be desorbed and discharged out of the room by the fan, thus enabling the runner to resume its moisture absorption function and complete the regeneration process. The runner rotates continuously, and the above dehumidification and regeneration are carried out in cycles, thus ensuring the continuous and stable dehumidification state of the dehumidifier

Under such cycle, the rotary dehumidifier can continuously dehumidify, and even make the indoor humidity below 1%. Due to the dehumidification principle of adsorption+dehydration, the rotary dehumidifier has unique advantages in low temperature environment. It can also play an excellent dehumidification effect at low temperatures below 0 ℃. It can also be combined with different air treatment equipment such as fresh air and purification to form a combined rotary dehumidifier to meet the multi-dimensional requirements of the operating environment

In addition, there are special designs of various dehumidifiers to meet the dehumidification needs of different occasions. Such as lifting dehumidifier, laminated dehumidifier, explosion-proof dehumidifier, segmented dehumidifier, etc. The above is the application environment science popularization of industrial rotary dehumidifiers and refrigeration dehumidifiers brought by the electrical appliances. I hope it can be helpful for everyone to understand and pay more attention to temperature and humidity in production, improve product quality and create higher profits