September 02,2023

Dehumidification ensures optimal storage conditions for film films

Air Conditioner_KY Series The film is stored under stable conditions at a temperature of 5 ℃ and a relative humidity of 30% RH. These films are pre stored in the warehouse, and a separate cooling system should ensure appropriate temperature and humidity conditions. However, the relative humidity cannot remain constant throughout the year and is sufficiently low Due to the installation of new facilities, stable storage conditions are crucial. Without a Parkoo cooling system, the archive room in a 2.500m3 room is like a refrigerator, and now the cooling and temperature are independently controlled. The dehumidifier draws air from the cooling space and dehumidifies the air through the dehumidifier rotor. The air to be dried passes through the desiccant wheel, which directly removes water vapor from the air and maintains it during rotation When the moist desiccant passes through the regeneration section, water vapor is transferred to a heated air stream that is discharged to the outside. This process is continuous, allowing for efficient and uninterrupted dehumidification

The environmental requirements for film storage

1. Keep it clean. For the film library that stores a large number of films, it is necessary to regularly clean the library room and keep it clean and tidy 2. Maintain ventilation. To maintain natural ventilation in the film storage room, and in conjunction with the degree of airtightness of the storage room, install ventilation equipment at appropriate locations, and turn it on every 3-5 days to allow sufficient air convection 3. Pay attention to dust prevention. Regularly clean the dust on the film rack and box based on the air quality, size of floating dust, and frequency of ventilation equipment usage in the area where the film library is located 4. Pay attention to moisture prevention. The floor of the warehouse should be treated with moisture-proof measures, and an appropriate amount of desiccant or ventilation should be placed according to local seasonal changes to prevent moisture 5. Pay attention to rain protection. Rainproof treatment should be applied to the windows and roof of the film storage room to prevent rainwater from drifting or penetrating into the room 6. Pay attention to earthquake and fire prevention. The placement of the film rack should be firm and stable to prevent vibration and wear of the film. At the same time, fire protection facilities and equipment should be installed in the film storage room as required