June 22,2023

Electric motor shell EPC dryer, fast drying method of white mold coating

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Electric motor shell EPC dryer, fast drying method of white mold coating

Technical News

Under normal conditions, the moisture content of the pattern of the motor shell after the EPC just demoulding is 2~10%

In order to ensure the quality of the motor housing EPC casting, the pattern or die must be dried before assembly and coating,

Reduce the moisture content in the pattern to less than 1%. In addition, the foaming agent remaining in the drying process of the pattern should also diffuse outward from the foam cell and escape

In the actual production of motor shell EPC, the drying and stabilization of the pattern are generally combined with the drying at room temperature and forced drying in the drying room

The temperature of the drying room is generally controlled at 35~55 ℃. The following suggestions are given in the drying process of the pattern:

   ۞ Problems to be considered in pattern drying:

1. What is the purpose of putting the appearance into the drying room

2. What kind of environment does water escape quickly and more in the drying room

3. How large should the drying room area be according to different products

4. For most EPC enterprises, is there a reasonable use of drying room space

5. Is the humidity in the drying room effectively controlled

According to the practical problems of high humidity, slow drying speed and high energy consumption in the EPC drying room, which affect the drying effect, the appliance has developed a new EPC drying equipment - PD-45GS motor shell EPC dryer and PD series heating, drying and dehumidifying integrated machine

The machine separates the moisture and hot gas in the drying room from the steam through the separator, and the heat returns to the drying room

After countless cycles, the moisture in the drying room is separated, and the waste heat returns to the drying room

The heat is not lost in the whole process, and the outlet temperature reaches above 70 ℃ to achieve the purpose of energy-saving drying

   ۞ Suggestions on drying process parameters of pattern and coating

The drying environment~temperature: 35-40 ℃, humidity: ≤ 15%, and the hot air in the drying room must be flowing

Paint drying environment~temperature: 50-55 ℃, humidity: ≤ 15%, if the hot air in the drying room flows

Pay attention to the drying of the appearance before coating and the drying of the coating before packing. Remember that the appearance before coating and the model cluster before packing must be taken from the drying room

Before packing, the process from the model cluster to the sandbox must be short to avoid reverse moisture absorption. The appearance shall be allowed to escape 60-70% of the internal moisture at room temperature as much as possible, and then be forced to dry in the drying room