Is your home environment too dry or too humid-

Maintaining the correct humidity level at home is important for your health, and a small amount of water may be beneficial, while too much may be harmful to your health Recommended relative humidity l...

Maintaining the correct humidity level at home is important for your health, and a small amount of water may be beneficial, while too much may be harmful to your health

Recommended relative humidity level

Is your home environment too dry or too humid-

The recommended average relative humidity is between 35% and 45%. This range will provide the best comfort for your home while helping to protect your appliances, wooden furniture, and other items or materials from the destructive effects of dryness or excessive humidity

As the relative humidity level actually depends on climate and temperature fluctuations, an average range is provided here to make it easier to determine. How a household handles humidity depends on many factors, including design, construction, steam retarders, and the airtightness of the building

What happens when the humidity is too high?

When the humidity in your home is too high, the humid air will be trapped in corners, basements, and other enclosed areas.

. In the bathroom, water accumulates in the corners, causing mold that is difficult to remove, which is usually very obvious in the bathroom. Condensation can also accumulate in windows, causing water droplets to fall on them and the wooden frames to decay. This moisture provides a perfect hotbed for bacteria

How to remove excessive humidity

The method you choose to remove moisture from the air depends on the severity of the problem, season, and humid location

If it is winter, an area may benefit from heat such as a basement, and heating the space can restore it to an appropriate humidity level.

However, if the humidity is too high, a combination of heating and dehumidifier may be necessary to achieve the appropriate level. A damp bathroom can benefit from open windows or ceiling exhaust fans to suck moist air or shower/bathtub steam into the exterior of the house

In spring, when heating is not an option, running a Dehumidifier is the best choice for you to remove moisture from the basement or main floor

Portable multifunctional humidifiers

Air conditioning also helps to control the moisture content in the home, while some portable humidifiers are designed with adjustable built-in displays that can start the device when the humidity is too low or turn it off when the humidity is too high.

In cold winter, your heating system can make the air in your home too dry, making you feel uncomfortable.

. It may also cause wood products to crack. To improve air quality, you can add humidifiers where you spend the most time, or install humidifiers in the heating system

In summer, when you are not heating, depending on the climate in your area, too much water in your home can cause mold.

. To control this humidity, you need a dehumidifier to remove unnecessary humidity

The Hygrometer is a small instrument with a display, which can display the relative humidity level of the room where it is located. Cheap and user-friendly, this little thing can help you monitor the air, so you can adjust your humidity level by adding a humidifier or dehumidifier to your home when needed

If you need to increase humidity at home and you only have a portable humidifier, I will keep it in the bedroom.

However, I must emphasize that the humidifier's humidification should be suitable for the size of the room

Otherwise, you may make the indoor air too humid. As mentioned above, a humidifier with adjustable humidity regulation helps to maintain water balance. Most humidifiers will indicate the recommended room size on the packaging. Quickly measure your room for comparison

Humidifier Design Types

There are basically two design types of humidifiers - portable devices that include small personal and indoor humidifiers, as well as full house equipment that includes console models and flow through bypass humidifiers. These humidifiers can be professionally installed on household air ducts during each heating system operation.

Read your product manual and follow the recommended instructions for filter replacement or cleaning. I cannot emphasize this - if your humidifier is running dirty and clogging the filter, you may add bacteria and mold spores to the room. Check the daily maintenance tips of the humidifier to maintain efficient machine operation