May 27,2023

Humidifier for fruit and vegetable storage, humidification equipment for fruit and vegetable storage

Industrial Drying Dehumidifier_High Temperature

Fresh fruits and vegetables should be affected by the external environment at room temperature, making it difficult to store them for a long time. So, where to store them can achieve long-term storage. Electrical tips: Storing them in a cold storage room can inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms. Extend the storage cycle of fresh fruits and vegetables

Pre cooling is an important step in storing fresh fruits and vegetables. The main purpose of pre cooling is to reduce the respiration of fresh fruits and vegetables, allowing them to be stored in a cold storage for a long time.

. The methods of pre cooling include strong wind pre cooling, natural pre cooling, or direct storage. The faster the pre cooling speed, the better the storage effect

Humidity management of cold storage: The relative humidity management of fruit and vegetable cold storage also needs special attention in the standardized management of cold storage. Although fruits and vegetables are rich in moisture, they may also experience water loss during long-term storage in cold storage due to the gradual evaporation of water molecules such as the respiratory consumption of fruits and vegetables

Once there is too much water loss, stored fruits and vegetables will show obvious wilting, which reduces the weight of fruits and vegetables, and at the same time, their surface will show poor quality conditions such as shrinkage and decay.

. Therefore, it is recommended not to take relative humidity management lightly

Generally speaking, when storing fruits in a fresh cold storage, the relative humidity of the air is generally required to be 90% -95% RH, while vegetables require 85% -90% RH. If the relative humidity in the warehouse is not enough, ZS-120Z fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping warehouse humidifier and ZS series high humidity resistant spray humidifier can be used to cooperate with automatic spray before the blower to adjust the air humidity

The preservation of fruits and vegetables is very important. No matter where they are stored, it is necessary to control the humidity. Generally, fruits and vegetables are stored in a cold storage room with a humidity requirement of around 90% RH, which is relatively high; So, this usually requires the use of industrial humidifiers to regulate air humidity

According to the on-site situation of the cold storage and customer needs, the electrical appliances have tailored the humidification scheme for customers, installed ZS-120Z fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping warehouse humidifier and ZS series high humidity resistant spray humidifier, and the pipeline extends to the inside of the cold storage through a pipeline opening in the cold storage, realizing the control of humidity in the cold storage outside the cold storage, without worrying about the impact of low temperature in the cold storage on equipment