May 19,2023

Humidifier in cardboard line workshop, spray humidifier in cardboard production line

The humidifier in the cardboard line workshop, the spray humidifier in the cardboard production line

Technical trends

With the intensification of market competition, the material ratio of cardboard has dropped to the critical point of demand indicators,

The decrease in the quality of paper materials has put forward higher requirements for the stability of the physical properties of cardboard

Burst lines often occur not during carton production, but during placement in the finished carton warehouse

Especially when delivering goods to customers, it cracks in a mess and affects the appearance

In general, cardboard made of paper with high and low weight sides has a high probability of bursting in autumn and winter

The moisture content of cardboard boxes is a key factor affecting the bursting of cardboard lines. When the moisture content of the cardboard box is low,

the folding resistance of the paper on the surface decreases, the stiffness of the cardboard increases, and the probability of the cardboard box bursting increases significantly

Therefore, maintaining the moisture content of the cardboard is very important to prevent bursting of the cardboard box

Using ZS-80Z paper line workshop humidifier and ZS series intelligent ultrasonic industrial humidifier

is the most direct and effective way to humidify the paper board surface with spray

It is particularly important to avoid the printing area when applying water, otherwise it may cause adverse effects on printing

Summarize the following methods for your reference:

2. Make a solid plate with a line width or use a bridge sponge, and wet the surface paper with water through normal printing methods in the idle printing group

3. Install a hose to drip water (spray) for humidification before feeding the prepressing wheel at the notching part

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