September 08,2023

Distinguishing between waterproofing and moisture-proof measures in home decoration

Industry  Dehumidifier_PDGT Series In home decoration, many homeowners have made mistakes in their understanding of waterproofing and moisture-proof, especially when decorating basements and bathrooms. They feel that waterproofing is moisture-proof, but this understanding is actually incorrect. This is also why many families find it strange in basement decoration, why we use good waterproof materials, but when it rains, the basement and bathroom are still damp Literally speaking, these are two different concepts: waterproof, which is to prevent liquid water, and moisture-proof, which is to prevent moisture and prevent gaseous water. These are two different concepts. If waterproof materials are used to solve moisture-proof problems, it is strange that moisture can solve them Waterproofing and moisture-proof are not only difficult for many ordinary people to understand, but even some engineering companies do not remove them. In fact, they are very different. Simply put, we often see PLA officers and soldiers using a large amount of sacks filled with sand to fill gaps in flood relief work. This is waterproof material, which can prevent the embankment from being washed down by water again. Of course, the waterproof materials we use in our decoration are definitely not sand, but other materials The main reason for using waterproof materials in decoration is to prevent the infiltration of rainwater, snow water, and groundwater. In bathroom decoration, the purpose of using waterproof materials is to prevent water from seeping into the building. It should be noted that the gaps in the cement floor are large, and over time, water will seep in, which will affect the safety of the floors below. The main parts of the building that require waterproofing treatment are the roof, walls, ground, and basement However, moisture prevention is different as it is a protection against moisture in the air. Although moisture can easily become liquid, its molecules are smaller than water molecules, so they can invade the interior of waterproof materials, especially water waterproof coatings. With the passage of time and the influence of moisture, the waterproof coating layer will blister and fall off. At this time, not only can it not be moisture-proof, but it is also impossible to waterproof So when decorating a home, it is important to distinguish between moisture-proof materials and waterproof materials, in order to ensure proper moisture-proof work. Of course, if you configure a dehumidifier at home, you just need to do a good job of ordinary moisture-proof work. The dehumidifier is an excellent moisture-proof equipment. With the freezing dehumidification technology, the dehumidification is efficient and fast, which can ensure that the family will not be damaged by moisture when it rains