Storage and maintenance of dehumidifier items in warehouses

The vast majority of materials are more susceptible to moisture than temperature in the storage and maintenance of warehouse dehumidifier items.We are responsible for the preservation of artwork, anti...
Household Dehumidifier_PD11 Series

Household Dehumidifier_PD11 Series

The vast majority of materials are more susceptible to moisture than temperature in the storage and maintenance of warehouse dehumidifier items.

We are responsible for the preservation of artwork, antiques and fine collections in a variety of museums, historic buildings and libraries.

Items such as classic automobiles and objects stored in self-storage facilities are also at risk from uncontrolled humidity.

Some of the issues we have encountered with storing and saving items/objects include:

Corrosion and rust

Mold and mildew

Damage to car interiors

Storage/Cardboard Box Folding

Leather book binding drying and cracking

Degradation of photographs and documents

High cost and energy waste

Heating is commonly used as a method of controlling the relative humidity (RH) in a given environment, but this method is both ineffective and expensive. In fact, the energy savings when using dehumidification compared to heating is about 60%.

If the RH is kept below 80%, mold will be avoided and below 45-50%, steel will not corrode.

We are proud to maintain humidity control in many museums and National Trust properties where costumes, photographs, books, fine upholstery and other artifacts need to be protected. Our specialist equipment ensures that the RH is maintained at the required level to ensure the longevity of these types of objects.

To protect classic automobiles, storage conditions of 50% RH will keep vehicles in top condition. Maintaining this RH throughout the year will prevent corrosion, avoid mold buildup, and the humidity will not be too low to adversely affect leather and veneer dashboards. We have a sizable list of classic car customers, from commercial vehicle storage to individual collectors.

A considerable number of commercial storage organizations have installed our equipment to protect items stored by the public. By controlling moisture in these facilities, the incidence of mold, mildew and corrosion is significantly reduced. In addition, if cardboard storage boxes are protected from moisture, they still maintain their rigidity and structural integrity.


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